Bulldogs fall to Metcalfe in ‘down to the wire’ game, 26-23

Posted September 27, 2017 at 8:40 am

The Clinton County Bulldogs traveled to Metcalfe County on Friday night to take on the Hornets in a game that saw Clinton County up by 11 in the fourth quarter, only to fall by three, 26-23.

Head Coach Jamie Miller is very proud of his team, but he said that it was a tough loss to take.

“We were up by 11 with 10 minutes to go in the game,” Miller said. “All we had to do was chew up clock and take small plays down the field.”

Miller said there were two questionable calls on two players whose numbers aren’t even on their roster.

“Number 33 and 86 were called for penalties and we don’t even have those numbers,” Miller said. “It should never be left in the hands of an official. We had an opportunity to win and we didn’t close the deal. I will commend our guys for being competitive and their desire to win. We had a real good week of practice and they were focused.”

Miller discussed last week about re-entering district play and he said the outcome and how his team played against Metcalfe County will determine that decision. He said he has decided to re-enter district play when the opportunity comes up.

“Obviously we came up short on the scoreboard, but in every other aspect of the game, we beat them,” Miller said.

This week, Miller and his team is going to work on punting and special teams. He said it’s been one of the high points among his teams, but this week they really needed to work on those aspects of the game.

“We were down by one at halftime and took an 11 point lead,” Miller said. “We held them scoreless in the second half up until the fourth quarter. During the fourth quarter we kind of fell apart. I don’t know what the reason for it was. It just didn’t work out. I can’t take anything away from our kids. They played great.”

This week Clinton County will be back at home for a two-game home stretch with Lynn Camp coming into town Friday night.

“They have a couple of good backs, but they don’t throw the ball very good,” Miller said. “We are focused on Lynn Camp right now. I’ve always said we focus on one game at a time. They have a couple of backs who average 100 plus yards a game, but you know what … so do we.”

Friday night’s game will be on the road and kick off at 7 p.m.