Magistrates appointed to committees

Posted October 4, 2017 at 8:52 am

In order to give fiscal court members more knowledge and input in the monthly workings of branches and departments of county government, Clinton County recently appointed court members to eight different operations, or departments of government.

Administrative Assistant Penny Jo Stearns said early this week the county and judge/executive Richard Armstrong had been considering appointing committees for a while now, following the lead of several counties in the state that have magistrates serve on committees to better keep touch with each facet of local government.

“It helps magistrates become more involved,” said Stearns, adding that each county is supposed to have a fiscal court member serve on a board or committee.

At last week’s fiscal court meeting, magistrates volunteered to serve on specific committees and will meet with department heads and/or representatives of each department on a monthly basis and keep the fiscal court aware as a whole on what is going on in each department.

Committees, all made up of three members, will likely meet on a monthly basis and set their own meeting schedules, according to Stearns.

Each department that will have a working committee that has its own funding line item and a couple of committee members, and as of Monday of this week, some had not yet been appointed.

The following committees/members that have been appointed by the county are:

* Administrative, Budget and Personnel Committee: Tuesday Davis (Finance Officer); Ricky Craig, Terry Buster (Magistrates).

* Animal Shelter Committee: Jamie Cross-Scott (Animal Rescue Coordinator); Patty Guinn, Ricky Craig (Magistrates).

* Solid Waste and Recycling Committee: Ricky Stearns (Solid Waste Coordinator); Johnny Russell, Hershell Key (Magistrates).

* Road, Building and Property Committee: Michael Craig (Road Foreman); Hershell Key, Terry Buster (Magistrates).

* Jail Committee: Mickey Riddle, Johnny Russell (Magistrates); third member to be named later.

* Emergency Management Committee: Lonnie Scott (Director of Emergency Services); Mickey Riddle, Ricky Craig (Magistrates).

* Occupational Tax Committee: Virginia Conner (Occupation Tax Administrator); Mickey Riddle, Terry Buster (Magistrates).

* Parks and Recreation, Economic Development Committee: Hershell Key, Patty Guinn (Magistrates); third member to be announced later.