State completes redesign work at dangerous junction, urges drivers to ‘pay close attention’ to merging traffic

Posted October 4, 2017 at 8:56 am

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127 Construction.psd

What is normally the busiest intersection in Clinton County was an even greater flurry of activity last week as construction crews completed work on a re-design project at the junction of U.S. 127 Bypass, Ky. 90, and Hwy. 734 near Junction Station in the Snow Community.

The intersection has been the scene of some of the most serious traffic accidents since the construction of the Albany Bypass was completed a few years ago. Many of the accidents have resulted in serious injuries and several deaths have occurred at the intersection.

Although caution lights were installed at the intersection several years ago, local officials have for several years campaigned the state transporation department to place traffic signals – stop lights – at the intersection, but the transportation officials have refused, saying the intersection did not warrant the use of signals.

After a study of the area earlier this year, the new lane changes were designed and put in place last week in what the Department of Transportion officials say is a pattern that will help eliminate traffic accidents in the area.

In a press release issued last week, the DOT urged drivers traveling through the intersection to “pay close attention to signage and be prepared for merging traffic”.