City of Albany receives ARC grant for Lake Cumberland water extension project

Posted October 11, 2017 at 9:32 am

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) approved $412,000 to the City of Albany to replace and extend 19,500 linear feet of PVC waterline.

“I am pleased the ARC approved funding to extend (the) waterline to residents in Clinton County,” said the Department for Local Government (DLG) Commissioner Sandra Danahoo. “This project will not only supply treated water services to county residents but will connect existing line to KUC service territory.”

The project will increase service capacity along Kentucky Highway 558 in the Piney Woods area of Clinton County, where 40 existing residential customers are connected to sufficient waterlines that are near capacity. Officials anticipate new development that would provide excessive strain on these undersized waterlines. Local business will benefit from an increased capacity which will aid in further economic growth and development.

The project is in relation to the new Marina at Rowena that is currently under construction and will be of financial and economic benefit, as well as tourism boost for the area once completed and opened.

“Ensuring residents and businesses in my district have the necessary infrastructure and resources they need for expansion has been a top priority,” said House Speaker Jeff Hoover. “I’m thankful to City of Albany officials and DLG Commissioner Danhoo for securing these ARC funds, and I look forward to seeing the completion of this project and the resulting economic growth it will have on our community.”

“This much-needed ARC grant ensures the City of Albany is able to maintain water capacity as (it) anticipates further growth in the coming years. Infrastructure is critical to providing an environment ready for economic development,” said State Senator Max Wise.

The ARC program and policy is to provide assistance for residential infrastructure projects, water supply and wastewater treatment projects to assist in alleviating environmental public health concerns and ensure the acceptable quality of life for local residents.

At an earlier meeting of Albany City Council, Mayor Nicky Smith had announced pending approval of funding to aid the water line project to assist residents in the area, as well as support the economic growth the new marina will bring. He also thanked elected officials, including Rep. Hoover, Sen. Wise and Kentucky’s federal delegation for assisting in securing funding for the project.