Transition of Clinton Center to local schools facility now underway

Posted November 29, 2017 at 9:23 am

The Clinton County School District’s Facilities Planning Committee, which had originally thought it had met for the final time on the relocation of the Clinton County Area Technology Center to the SCC-Clinton Center facility, was called to service one last time this week at the behest of the Kentucky Department of Education.

The purchase of the Clinton Center, to be used for the new Area Technology Center and Central Office, has been ongoing for the past couple of years and recently given final approval to the point where equipment and items at both the old area tech center and central office are being relocated to the new building on West Hwy. 90.

However, after reviewing the final approved plan by the local planning committee pertaining to the purchase of the new facility, the Kentucky Department of Education issued one final requirement, according to schools superintendent Charlotte Nasief.

During a meeting of the Planning Committee held at the Central Office Monday night with a majority of members present, Nasief explained the reason for the one-item session.

The superintendent noted the plan had been, over the months, modified several times after the issue of the property acquisition began. She then explained that KDE had required that the “purchase price” be added into the plan for final approval.

Nasief indicated that a reason the education department may be making the requirement is that most school properties are “built” by school districts, rather than being purchased outright, thus the stated purchase amount was required.

The purchase price for the facility, which also includes 14 acres of property, is $800,000.

When Planning Committee Chairman Tim Armstrong asked for a motion to include the purchase price in the plan, the motion was made by Josh Moons, seconded by Kevin Marcum and passed without opposition.

Superintendent Nasief also noted that the facility was and property was probably about a $9 million dollar assessed building and the local district was able to secure the facility for the new Area Technology Center and Central Office for “about eight cents on the dollar.”

The overall district facility plan lists needs for all school buildings and properties within the school district over a period of time and is prioritized by need.

As previously stated, transition from the old area technology center and central office to the new SCC-Clinton Center is already underway and a more detailed article on the new facility will be published in next week’s Clinton County News.