Marina at Rowena is a flurry of construction

Posted December 27, 2017 at 9:58 am



Although most crews prefer not to work outdoors during the winter months, the earthmoving crew at the under construction site for Marina at Rowena is pacing at full speed ahead.

Harris Construction Company, a Somerset, Kentucky based firm, is currently working to blast and move over 100,000 cubic yards of rock from the site.

Eventually, that phase of the project will result in the completion of a multi-level parking area that will serve customers using the new marina facilities.

Tom Allen, one of the partners involved in the new Marina at Rowena, told the Clinton County News last week that the “earthwork phase” stage that is currenlty underway, will hopefully be completed by the end of January, 2018.

The large photo at top right shows rock moving operations that were underway last week.

The main walkway, a 2,000 feet long and 18 feet wide structure, has been built off-site and has already been temporarily put in place. That walkway will allow access to boat slips and will also lead to the main dock building that will eventually house the store and restaurant and will be situated near the end closest to the end of the cove.

As seen in the photo at bottom left, made from a drone flight and furnished by Allen, Wolf Creek Dam is located just to the left of the end of the cove where the dock store will be placed.

Utility services are also currently being constructed and extended to the marina site.

The main dock store building is under construction offsite and construction supervisor Rod Parrish and the construction crew will move that facility to the lake and into place at the end of the walkway when it is completed.

Allen told the Clinton County News that he expects a portion of the boat slips and dock services to become available in 2018 and the goal is for the marina to be in full operation by the spring of 2019.

He also noted that the cafe and food service in the restaurant will not become available until most of the other dock services – boat slips, dock store and fuel service – are fully operational.

In the center photo below, a different view of the earthwork phase with the large trackhoes and articulating dump trucks in use.

At bottom right, marina co-owner Tony Sloan and engineer Neal Shoemaker were looking at the earthwork efforts recently.

Top photo –

Clinton County News Al Gibson

Bottom photos – Tom Allen

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