Dawgs get berth in region with first round district win

Posted February 20, 2018 at 4:03 pm



Monday night kicked off a week full of post season action with the Bulldogs taking on Metcalfe County in the first round of the 16th District Tournament.

During the first quarter, Clinton County quickly took control, jumping out to a 6-0 lead.

Metcalfe County answered with a three pointer to cut the lead to three points, 6-3.

The Dawgs then put together an 11-1 run to finish the quarter 17-4.

During the second quarter, Metcalfe County scored four straight points before a basket by Ely Baker gave the Dawgs an 11 point lead, 19-8.

Clinton County’s offensive play was lacking somewhat against the Hornets, however, the hustle put out on the floor made up for its lacking offense.

Both teams matched each other point for point for the remainder of the half, but Clinton County’s lead in the first quarter held up in the second quarter as the Dawgs led at the half, 29-18.

During the third quarter, Clinton County began to hold strong on defense when the offensive shots weren’t falling. Although Clinton County did score 17 points in the third quarter alone, its defense held the Hornets to only 10 points during the eight minute period.

The final quarter was pretty much a quarter spent at the foul line. Metcalfe County committed 28 fouls in the second half alone. Clinton County hit 14 of 21 from the line in the second half for 66 percent.

Both teams in the final quarter scored 18 points, but outscoring Metcalfe County in the first quarter and the third quarter was enough for Clinton County to control the game and get the 64-46 win and a continuation into post season play.

With Clinton County’s win against the Hornets, the Dawgs are guarenteed two more games, one in the district finals on Friday and a game in the 4th Region Tournament.

Friday night’s game will tip off at 7 p.m.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Stines 17

Harlan 17

Stockton 12

Fulton 4

Pruitt 4

Hadley 3

Caleb Guffey 2

Baker 2

Chase Guffey 2

Brown 1

Clinton County 65

Barren County 58

After more than a week off from the regular season games, Clinton County got back on the hardwood Thursday night, February 15, for its final regular season game of the season at Lindle Castle Gymnasium.

Clinton County’s games last week were canceled due to flu sickness, but Clinton County was able to pick up a win against Barren County on Senior Night.

This year’s seniors, Ely Baker, Michael Fulton and Jaxon Hadley, led the team on to the floor against 4th Region opponent the Trojans of Barren County.

Barren County drew first blood on the offensive end of the floor with a quick basket and a quick lead.

Clinton County’s Seth Stockton hit a three pointer from the center of the floor to gain a one point lead, 3-2, but Barren County scored two straight baskets to take a 6-3 lead with 4:37 on the clock.

The Bulldogs then put together a run that lasted until the 1:05 mark. Clinton County scored at will and took control of the game. Jackson Harlan scored 10 straight for the Dawgs to put Clinton County up 13-6.

Barren County scored in the final minute to finish the quarter down by five to the Dawgs, 13-8.

Clinton County continued its run in the second quarter with a three pointer by Baker and a field goal and two free throws by Stockton, 20-8.

The Dawgs kept Barren County at arm’s length during the second quarter, holding the Trojans on defense.

By halftime, Clinton County still remained in control and led Barren County, 24-18.

The third quarter got a little testy for Clinton County as Barren County made a couple of runs at the lead.

Stockton scored Clinton County’s only four points up to the 4:42 mark, giving Barren County a chance to cut the lead to two points, 30-28.

Clinton County’s Stockton hit a three pointer with 4:27 on the clock, followed by a field goal by Harlan to take an eight point lead, but Barren County wouldn’t go away that quickly.

By the end of the period, Barren County had inched back and cut the lead to one point, 36-35. With four seconds remaining, Stockton hit a free throw to give the Dawgs a two point lead, 37-35.

The final quarter went back and forth for the Dawgs. Every time Clinton County gained a lead, Barren County would cut the lead to two points.

At the 4:35 mark, Barren County cut a five point lead down to two points, 48-46, but a 5-2 run by Harlan put the Dawgs up by five with 3:10 on the clock, 53-48.

Clinton County put together a 7-2 run that lasted until the 1:22 mark to put the Dawgs up by eight points, 60-50.

The Dawgs continued to use the clock for the remainder of the game, not giving Barren County a chance for the win.

By the time the final buzzer sounded, Clinton County was on the winning end of Senior Night with a 65-58 victory, the team’s 16th of the season.

Seth Stockton pulled down 17 rebounds during Thursday night’s game, putting him in the top spot in the state in rebounding on the year.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Stockton 32

Harlan 26

Baker 3

Stines 2

Fulton 1

Hadley 1


Jaxon Hadley went up for a shot during the first half against Metcalfe County on Monday night during the 16th District Tournament. Clinton County won that game and will move on to the finals Friday.

Chase Stines scored 17 points during the opening round of the district tournament Monday night against Metcalfe County. Clinton County will move on to play Friday night in the finals.

Michael Fulton went up for a shot during Clinton County’s final regular season home game against Barren County. Fulton, a senior, scored one point against Barren County and four points against Metcalfe County during the opening round of the 16th District Tournament on Monday night. Clinton County won both ggames, 65-58 and 64-46, respectively.