Representative Jeff Hoover receives 2017 ‘Friend of Kentucky Cities’ Award

Posted February 28, 2018 at 10:06 am

Hoover Friend of Cities.psd

Representative Jeff Hoover (R-Jamestown) was honored with a “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award last week at the Kentucky State Capitol. The “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award is given by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) to legislators who perform outstanding work in the legislature advocating for issues that impact cities across the state.

“I have long said the government closest to the people governs best,” said Representative Hoover. “I am honored to be recognized by city officials who truly serve out of a personal commitment to improving the quality of life in communities across this commonwealth. I share this recognition with the men and women working in cities across this state to make Kentucky the best it can be.”

The Kentucky League of Cities has focused for several years on the need to repeal the state’s prevailing wage requirement. Representative Hoover championed the cause in the 2017 legislative session with House Bill 3. “This is a huge relief for city governments as they focus on ensuring local tax dollars are spent efficiently,” said KLC Deputy Executive Director J.D. Chaney. “Representative Hoover’s bill means cities are able to save taxpayers millions of dollars on public projects.” Representative Hoover also sponsored House Bill 1 in the 2017 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Chaney praised the effect House Bill 1 is having on Kentucky cities. “We have already seen the significance of the right-to-work law as new businesses move in and existing businesses expand and add employees.”

Jonathan Steiner, executive director/CEO of the Kentucky League of Cities, says Representative Hoover’s efforts in 2017 will have a lasting influence on municipalities. “We are extremely grateful to Representative Hoover for his commitment to these important issues and to legislation that creates stronger communities.”

Founded in 1927, the Kentucky League of Cities is a membership association of more than 370 cities across the commonwealth. KLC has offices in Lexington and Frankfort and provides cities, leaders and employees with several services, including legislative advocacy, legal services, financial services, consulting, policy development, research, training and education, and more.