Meth arrest, escaped prisoner kept law officers busy

Posted February 28, 2018 at 3:04 pm


The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department has had a busy week with two meth busts and the apprehension of an escaped jail inmate last Wednesday.

Meth has been an issue in Clinton and surrounding counties for many years.

Sheriff Jim Guffey said there will be no way to eliminate all the meth problems in the county, but the more he is able to slow it down the better.

On Sunday, February 25, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint from a parent about possible drug activity at The Pines of the Cumberland housing complex.

Guffey then used the information to obtain a search warrant that led to the arrests of Cameron Speer, Angela Hollan and Tyler Hollan.

Upon executing the search warrant, numerous drug related items were found in apartment B-3 including electronic scales, some small zip lock baggies with methamphetamine, a small amount of marijuana and assorted paraphernalia.

Speer was charged with possession of a controlled substance first degree first offense (meth), trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree first offense (meth), and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Angela Hollan was charged with possession of a controlled substance, first degree first offense (meth), trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree first offense (meth), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and tampering with evidence.

Tyler Hollan was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree first offense (greater than or equal to 10 dosage units drug unspecified).

As of press deadline, bond has yet to be set. Deputy Rick Stearns and Albany City Police Officer Ricky Marcum assisted in the arrests.

“It’s a never ending battle,” Guffey said. “It don’t matter who is in office. You can slow it down. What we are trying to do is work our way up to where we get the larger amounts that is being supplied to the county.”

Guffey said it can be hard to obtain information on drug dealers in the county.

“The officers pretty much know who is dealing, but its hard to get the right information at the right time to get those search warrants to get those busts,” Guffey said. “A lot of people are scared to come forward. I will not reveal a source if I don’t have to. It has to be prudent information and no less than two days old. It has to be fresh information in order to obtain a search warrant and it moves fast. People move it fast. Whenever information comes in and its fresh information, we will obtain a search warrant right then no matter what time of day or night it is.”

On February 16, a complaint came to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department from the manager at Albany Manor stating two to three people who are on the ban list were at the manor and the manager wanted those individuals removed from the property.

When Sheriff Guffey and Deputy Rick Stearns arrived and met with the manager, she stated two to three people were running in and out of building two, apartment two. Guffey made contact with the resident of the apartment and advised her of the complaint and consent to search was given.

At the time of the search, Bobby Pierce was hiding upstairs according to Guffey. In the spot where Pierce was hiding, a syringe and glass pipe with meth residue was found.

Sheriff Guffey then asked for consent to search further based on the drug paraphernalia that was found and the resident denied the search. A search warrant was then obtained and carried out.

After the search warrant was obtained, numerous used syringes were found throughout the apartment, as well as a blue bag with multiple electronic scales, syringes and a small zip lock bag with a small amount of meth. Also found was a black bag that contained used and loaded syringes according to the Sheriff’s Department. Also recovered were two sets of leg shackles that had been previously stolen from a Sheriff’s Department cruiser that was parked at the county garage.

Heather Brown and Bobby Pierce were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance in the first degree first offense (meth), trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree first offense (meth), possession of drug paraphernalia and receiving stolen property. Both were lodged in the Clinton County Jail. Flowers’ bond was set at $10,000 and Pierce’s was set at $20,000 cash.

Both meth investigations are ongoing by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department.

On Wednesday, February 21, a call was received over the police radio that an inmate had escaped from the Clinton County Jail.

Steven Bell, of Albany, escaped through the back door at approximately 4 p.m. The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Albany City Police, as well as the Kentucky State Police responded. Bell had previously been arrested for a parole violation warrant.

Bell was re-apprehended around 4:30 p.m. the same day and charged with escape in the second degree, fleeing or evading police on foot in the first degree and resisting arrest. Bell is currently lodged in the Russell County Detention Facility and no bond has been set on the new charges.