Spring sports teams warming up

Posted March 7, 2018 at 10:21 am


Times are changing, literally this week, as Sunday times will move forward for Daylight Saving Time, but for the Baseball, Softball and Tennis teams, the majority of their time has been spent outside preparing for the upcoming seasons.

With the official start of all three sports being on February 15, all three teams have been taking advantage of the weather and spending practice times on the field and on the courts.

In the top photo, Head Softball Coach Bobby Evans took some swings to his outfield on Monday afternoon.

In the photo right, Senior Jacob Brown threw to Chase Guffey to get loose before practice on Monday and in the bottom photos, Head Tennis Coach Mickey McFall ran his team through warmups before his practice on Monday afternoon.

All three teams are wrapping up scrimmage games and getting ready for the upcoming season beginning March 20.