Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted March 21, 2018 at 9:03 am

And now there are . . . 2

We succeeded in the goal that was on the minds of high school basket back in November when we began the 2017-18 season – the crowning of two new Sweet 16 champions.

Now we are done – at least until this coming fall.

On Sunday, Covington Catholic’s Colonels stepped into the winner’s circle to lay claim to this year’s coveted Sweet 16 Boys’ Championship Trophy, and that nearly almost as coveted championship banner.

With Sunday’s championship win over Scott County, the 2017-18 season ended with its second straight title game thumping.

Cov Cath rolled to a 73-55 victory over Scott in what was, for me at least, somewhat of a surprise. As last week’s games were played out, I thought it was Scott that would take home another Sweet 16 championship title.

The week before, it was Mercer County that rolled in big fashion to a Sweet 16 Championship title when the Titans handed runner-up Mercy a 74-34 beatdown in the girls’ last game of the season.

Last week’s boys’ Sweet 16 was a good event and I can say the clan from Clinton County who attended enjoyed the week of basketball action and getting to see some good games, along with a few stinkers, and getting up with some old friends from across this basketball crazed state.

Now, with Tuesday’s official arrival of spring (could have fooled me), it’s time to start thinking about getting outdoors and taking in some of the next round of activities we’ll be covering in the CCHS Spring Sports lineup – baseball, softball and tennis.

It’s also time for us boating enthusiasts to start thinking about knocking the dirt off of the boats and heading out to the lakes.

Still, there’s a little roundball left to follow.

With high school basketball now in the books for yet another year, there’s still a little March left on the books, and there’s still a couple of men’s and women’s NCAA games to play out over the next couple of weeks – so, until we finish out this NCAA season . . .

I’ll see you in the gym – don’t bother me until April!