Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted April 4, 2018 at 8:49 am

Roundball takes a break

With the conclusion of Monday night’s men’s NCAA Division I championship game, most basketball fans will be taking a break for a few months with a few exceptions.

Those exceptions are, of course, the fans who are NBA fans (which I’m not), and those absolute die-hard fans who spend the entire off season gobbling up every All-Star game, recruiting camp and dwelling on every tidbit of college recruiting news that comes down the pike.

While the men’s tournament was filled with bracket busting games, disappointment for Kentucky fans, and plenty of surprises, the women’s tournament was a much more exciting event – especially the Final Four contests.

Villanova won the men’s championship in a run-away fashion throughout the entire bracket, with four juniors and a freshman in the starting lineup – so much for the “one and done” theory – maybe.

The women’s tournament had a host of down to the wire contests that culminated in a Final Four matchup with all four #1 seeds making it to the final rounds.

Both semi-final games had to stretch into overtime before a winner could be named and even the championship game came down to a last second shot before a 2018 champion was named – Notre Dame.

All in all, this year’s women’s rounds were much better games to watch.

So, put the basketballs up for a few months and let’s enjoy some outdoor sports – it’s time for baseball, softball, tennis on the prep level, and the rest of us can perhaps get in some golfing, boating and yard work . Now, if Mother Nature would only cooperate.

Let’s take it outside for a few months!