April means. . . time to clean up our county

Posted April 4, 2018 at 9:02 am

Volunteers are invited to join the historic 20th annual PRIDE Spring Cleanup, which will be held throughout April across 42 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky, including Clinton County.

“Since the first Spring Cleanup in 1998, 433,460 people have volunteered with PRIDE,” said Tammie Wilson of PRIDE, the nonprofit organization that began the region’s tradition of an annual Spring Cleanup.

“This is an amazing number, but our region always needs one more volunteer: you!” Wilson said.

“PRIDE is all about appreciating the beauty of our region and taking personal responsibility for your corner of it,” she explained. “The Spring Cleanup is your chance to take charge of the trash near your home, church, business, or other place that is important to you.”

To volunteer, watch for announcements in your local media about Spring Cleanup events near you. Cleanup events also will be posted at kypride.com/calendar and www.facebook.com/EasternKentuckyPRIDE.

Here are a few Spring Cleanup events already scheduled:

April 17, U.S. 127 Clean Sweep (Pulaski County); April 21, Dale Hollow Spring Cleanup; April 28, Cumberland Falls Spring Cleanup.

Clinton County residents are asked to volunteer for the Dale Hollow Spring Cleanup scheduled for Saturday, April 21, according to county judge administrative assistant Penny Jo Stearns.

Volunteers who wish to join in the cleanup that day are asked to be at the courthouse between 8 and 9 a.m. and will receive trash bags, gloves and vests. For those people with children, they can also sign up at the state park and be given a designated area to clean.

Also, once again, any civic organization wishing to volunteer and raise some extra funds can pick up materials at the courthouse and will receive $50 per mile up to five miles of roadway cleaned, or up to $250 total, according to Stearns.

For more information or to volunteer as an organization to clean up an area, visit the county/judge executive’s office.

(Other than designated cleanup event days, organizations will be responsible for their own escorts.)

You can also plan you own Spring Cleanup for your church, business, civic club, neighborhood association, school or other group. PRIDE will provide trash bags, safety vests and gloves to volunteers who want to pick up litter and dispose of it with their own trash. For larger objects, the local PRIDE Coordinator may be able to assist with trash disposal.

To get started, please call the PRIDE office, toll free, at 888-577-4339.

Locally, you can call your PRIDE Coordinator, Rick Stearns, at 688-4040 or the Clinton County Judge/Executive’s Office at 387-5234 to volunteer or for more information.