Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted April 11, 2018 at 8:45 am

Time for the “Kids of Summer” to have some fun

Despite the fact that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some true spring-like weather for our mid-April activity planning (translation – it’s time to turn the heat off) Mother Nature isn’t cooperating very well this year and just keeps throwing some winter our way.

Regardless, it’s time to take it outdoors for a few months, and beginning this weekend, that’s exactly what the organizers of our youth league baseball organization plans on doing.

A separate article beginning on the front page this week gives the details of the baseball and softball season that lies just ahead, as well as the plans for the Opening Day ceremony that is planned for Saturday.

Looks like the weather for Saturday’s festivities might be the best we’ve had this year, so good luck and hopefully a great start to another great season.

Hats off as we get this youth league play underway to all of those who have helped to coach and organize this league for our young players. It’s been a few decades since I was involved, but I still remember just how time intensive it was taking a part in helping with the season many years ago.

I also remember just how rewarding the entire experience was.

Take in a few games this year at Mountain View Park. It’s always easy to tell when the games are being played. Just drive by the park. If it’s packed, there’s some good action going on somewhere close by.

Nice Masters win

While I’m not a huge fan of watching pro sports on television, and never have been, there are a few exceptions and the Masters golf championship is one of those.

Last weekend’s Masters win by first-time major winner Patrick Reed had most everything that a golf fan watching instead of playing could ask for.

Reed led going into the final round and was paired with Rory McIlroy with a chance that Rory might be poised to make the charge and take the championship away from Reed, all the while capturing his first Career Grand Slam.

Wasn’t to be, as Rory’s game didn’t show up when he took the tee in the last group, but the day was far from boring.

Jordan Spieth charged from nine strokes down going into the final round, to actually tie Patrick for a co-leader status at one point late in the round after 16, but a par-bogey finish put him in a third place finish, two strokes behind the eventual champion.

Then there was Ricky Fowler, looking for his first major win and hoping to get over the “Greg Norma” syndrome that has seen him collect second place wins in three major tournaments, finishing in the top eight in five major tournaments.

Fowler is overdue a major title, and I’m guessing after the sting that he felt on Sunday, golf fans will be watching the still young golfer hoist one of the three remaining trophies from a major tournament this season.

Let’s take it outside for a few months!