School board gets first peek at budget during work session

Posted May 9, 2018 at 3:33 pm

Clinton County Board of Education held its monthly work session, at a call meeting Monday, in lieu of its regular slot the second Thursday of the month. Only three members, Gary Norris, Jeff Sams and board chairperson Paula Key were on hand, just enough for a quorum.

Most of the meeting was spent dealing with an overall review of the proposed 2018-19 tentative budget with Finance Director Mike Reeves, who highlighted some of the changes in the budget, as well as some issues that will have an impact on the overall working budget which will be presented in September.

Board members were briefed on all aspects of the budget, including the general budget amount which totals $14,873,934. Reeves noted that prior to next Monday’s regular business meeting, when the budget will be presented for a vote, he would have to find $25,800 in areas to cut to make the budget balance but said the estimated revenues would probably remain unchanged.

Reeves also noted the budget was based on the assumption that the district would, in fact, take the four percent compensating rate, which he added the district could not financially do without that extra revenue.

During the work session conducted by Superintendent Charlotte Nasief, some grant fund programs that are coming to an end were also discussed, including positions of current employees being changed to other departments as openings become available.

A preschool, adult education program and SRO (School Resource Officer) grant funding is coming to an end this year and the board discussed the need to secure at least one SRO before the next school year begins.

Superintendent Nasief said she would like to contract with either the city or county to help provide a School Resource Office, which board members feel is critically needed.

Nasief also informed the board that the ATC (Area Technology Center) has received a $114,000 Skills for Youth Initiative grant.

Board member Norris also requested that the “nickel tax” issue be placed on the regular board meeting agenda for a vote. Some proponents are pushing for the nickel tax which could match with state funds and be specifically used for building projects, in the local case, a possible new high school.

Other topics reviewed, most of which will be presented next week for a formal vote, included the budget, bank bids, review of a BG (Buildings and Grounds) proposal for repairs to the middle school, the certified evaluation plan, OneCall agreement, drug testing agreement, surplus property and personnel.

The board’s next regular meeting will be held Monday, May 14 at 5 p.m. at the Central Office located at the Clinton College and Career Center and is open to the general public.