Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted July 25, 2018 at 8:17 am

If you don’t like the weather in Kentucky,

stick around a few minutes, it will change

It’s been one of the strangest summer seasons weather wise that I can remember in recent years, and for that reason, not only has local sports activities suffered with rain outs then extreme heat then more rain, other events across the state have had problems as well.

Case in point was this past weekend’s first stop in Kentucky by the PGA with a non-major tournament in more than half a century.

Storms on Friday, Saturday and again on Sunday, put the entire tournament schedule in a tailspin and I’m sure left PGA officials with a bad taste in their mouths as well.

The Barbasol Championship had to stretch into Monday to get the final round in after rains and storms pummeled the central Kentucky area, forcing officials at one point Friday to evacuate the Champions at Trace golf course.

Troy Merritt finished the tournament with a final round of 5 under 67 on Monday for the 23 under 265 tournament win.

But for Kentucky and our ability to bring more professional golf to our state, the real story will be whether or not Mother Nature will cooperate with good golf weather during the next three years when the tournament is slated to continue it’s run in the Commonwealth.

Golf fans in our state will enjoy the chance to make the short drive to Nicholasville once a year to watch some of the best names in golf, and from all indications, grabbing a ticket for the event wasn’t so hard. Of course the crowds weren’t jam packed either, considering the weather.

I watched the tournament on a very spotty basis during the weekend and most of the coverage was surrounding the job the grounds crew was doing to get the course ready to play while ridding some five inches of rain from the playing field.

Golf fans in Kentucky need to embrace the Barbasol for the next three years in hopes of keeping the event here, or giving the PGA reason to bring another in its place.

And Mother Nature needs to hold off on the foul weather.

In the meantime – let’s take it outside for a few months!