Gospel Christian School holds open house

Posted July 25, 2018 at 8:21 am



The Gospel Christian School held its open house on Monday, July 23, in the GCS school house. Several people were on hand Monday night to tour the facility. Principal Marcus Williams said as of right now there are 15 students enrolled at the school, which is a larger number than last year. This year will be the second year the school has been in session.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to provide a Christian education in the Clinton County area and to offer education with a biblical world view. In today’s trends of culture, we see the word of God being left out of the character of society,” Williams said. “We have never seen such a time as this, where God is not retained in their knowledge. Our nation’s founding educators knew that our moral civility, good will and nature comes from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Public education began in our country in one room church houses and the Bible was the first text book.”

Williams said the Gospel Christian School has daily prayer and devotion as well as chapel services once a week.

Williams’ wife, Tracey, as well as Kimber Thompson, teach the students at the Gospel Christian School.

“Please pray for us and please pray for our educators in our public schools,” Williams said. “They have a large mission field and wonderful opportunity to impact children. Most importantly, we pray that moms and dads will be the main educator and guide in their children’s lives.”

Below, from left to right are, Board members Bob Sawyer, Lonnie Pyles and Melvin Daniels, Darolyn Albertson, Principal Marcus Williams, Jewel Pyles, Kimber Thompson, Tracey Williams, Veta Daniels and Debbie Cross.