127 Yard Sale has another great year

Posted August 8, 2018 at 1:20 pm

Spectators and “Yard Salers” who travel U.S. 127 for the record breaking longest yard sale will now have to wait another year to find deals of a lifetime as the US 127 Corridor Sale came to a close Sunday afternoon.

Weather played a huge role in the beginning of the sale this year, as rain hit for most of Thursday, but clear skies and sunshine finished off the weekend with one of the biggest epicenters being at the junction of Kentucky Highway 90 and US 127, people lined the roadways picking out deals from numerous vendors set up in the area.

“It’s been good for us,” Johnny McLerran of Celina, Tennessee said. “Price and quality of stuff is what people are looking for.”

McLerran has been set up as a vendor for more than 20 years and he said this is something he looks forward to every year.

In past years, McLerran was set up across the road in the Stuff Plain and Fancy lot.

Now he has found a new home in what he called “Hunterville” which is an area controlled and maintained by Hunter Shearer during the 127 Sale.

McLerran said there are all types of people who come and they come from a lot of places.

“The farthest one who comes every year is from France,” McLerran said. “We’ve had quite a few from England. They like these big setups … people do. So they don’t have to get out of the car as many times. They like it to where they can get out and shop for three or four hours and go to the next big setup. You can stop, use the bathroom and get something to eat here at Hunterville.”

Most vendors only utilize the 127 Sale from Thursday to Sunday, but some, like McLerran, set up long before the actual weekend arrives.

“I’ve been here for two weeks already,” McLerran said. “We got our tent set up early so we started moving our stuff in. On Monday and Tuesday you think well nobody is going to come, but when it starts it’s all day long after that.”

McLerran said there is some advantages to opening up early in the week.

“You aren’t going to get many people, but to those who know its open they will come out and look around,” McLerran said.

As far as the weather turned out, McLerran said it couldn’t have worked out any better.

“Weather wise you can’t beat it,” McLerran said. “I think farther south they say it has rained and is muddy. Here it has been good.”

In recent years, the area next to the Dollar Store or “Hunterville” has picked up and become one of the major epicenters on the 127 Corridor Sale route.

Hunter Shearer said even though the temperatures rose during the weekend, so did the crowd.

“Wednesday started off a little slow as usual, especially due to the rain,” Shearer said. “The crowd got gradually larger as the weekend went forward with Saturday being the largest day. A lot of my vendors said that it was as much traffic as they had ever seen and some of them had been setting up for seven or eight years.”

Some of the many hot items people were looking for this year were VHS tapes and vinyl records.

“I have been doing this for over 15 years from selling junk to barbecue and I feel like every year it’s a little bigger and better from the amount of shoppers to the amount of vendors there is,” Shearer said. “No doubt it is growing each year and my location is a bit better than most because I get all of the Highway 90 traffic and all of the 127 traffic. That makes for a bit of an advantage when you are set up selling. Once people on Highway 90 see everything going on they can’t help but stop and check it out even though they were not traveling or doing the yard sale deal.”

The 650 mile yard sale came to a close and for those die-hard yard salers, you only have 51 more weeks until it kicks back up again.

Although there were some weather issues earlier in the week, clear skies and lower humidity brought out plenty of US 127 Yard Sale lookers last week to the largest of the Clinton County epicenters near the intersection of U.S. 127 and Ky. 90 in the Snow Community.



The top photo  provided by local drone pilot Dipesh Soma, shows the crowd of vendors, buyers and vehicles during the weekend.  John Washburn, co-owner of Stuff Plain and Fancy, talked with one motorist while directing traffic through his parking lot where several vendors had set up selling goods.