A dozen years of selling lemonade, Rachel Sawyers has topped $15,000 for St. Jude

Posted August 15, 2018 at 2:12 pm


Clinton County Extension Agents Junior Cecil and Colby Guffey were two of the many customers who spent some time enjoying the fresh lemonade at Rachel’s Lemonade Stand during the recent U.S. 127 Yard Sale.

Not only do people sell items during the 127 Corridor Sale to make money, some use the opportunity to raise money for a good cause and this year was no exception.

Rachel Sawyers has been running her lemonade stand for the past 12 years and despite her limited time this year running the stand, she has put her younger sister into training in order for her to take over.

“Originally me and a friend wanted to save money for a play house, but we didn’t have enough money to buy one. My mom (Michelle Sawyers) had got this magazine from St. Jude in the mail. I was looking through it one night and she kind of explained to me about how sick these kids were and how important it was to give to those in need I felt compelled to give them money.”

Before this year’s 127 Corridor Sale got underway, during the past 12 years combined, Rachel has raised more than $15,000 for St. Jude.

“St. Jude just became a really big passion of mine and I’ve continued it every year,” Sawyers said.

Rachel’s mom, Michelle Sawyers, said in an email Monday morning, this was the first year it was run by her younger sister due to Rachel’s job keeping her from spending as much time at the lemonade stand this year.

“This was the first year it ran by her 11 year old sister Emily, who proved to be just as dedicated as Rachel,” Michelle Sawyers said. “On Saturday evening, even after all of her friends left, Emily was determined to keep the stand open until the last lemonade was gone and the last donor would want to stop. She was not going to let anyone down and was going to reach the goal. The dedication paid off and they raised around $2,750 on Friday and Saturday and still have donations coming in.”

Michelle said she would call this year a huge success for both Rachel and Emily.

“Rachel has served as a great mentor and Emily had a successful first year run. It still amazes me how many people come by and talk about St. Jude Children’s Hospital has been there for their family in a time of need and it makes my heart smile to know that these children are so willing to dedicate their time to giving back to others.”

The only time the lemonade stand is open is during the 127 Corridor Sale.

As of Friday morning, the girls had only raised around $300.

“We are just getting started,” Rachel said.

And she was right. During the course of the weekend almost $2,500 more dollars was raised for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“We have some of the same people come back every year,” Michelle Sawyers said. “We have one lady who saves a dollar a day and calls us and donates $365 dollars every year.”

Rachel’s Lemonade Stand is traditionally located next to Talbott Funeral Home in the front yard of her grandmother, Nelda Sawyers’ home.