Cattlemen's Corner …

Posted August 22, 2018 at 8:20 am

Local cattle industry loses a friend with

death of Jimmy Logan

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that I learned early Sunday morning of the passing of Jimmy Logan. Jimmy and his family have been cornerstones in the local cattle business for many years. But more than that, he was a close personal friend.

Jimmy served as a cattle buyer and probably bought as many cattle over the years as anyone locally. He bought for numerous feedlot operations all over Kentucky and the country. But Jimmy always had the time to also serve the local cattleman that maybe only needed one or two bought.

Our operation developed a close working relationship with Jimmy over the past 25 years. He always took the time to come visit the farm and look over the feeder calves we were planning to sell and offer advice about ways to improve what we were doing.

He always had a nature to be straight and up front and would tell a producer if his product was marketable or needed some changes made. He offered his expertise backed by many years of experience and a daily involvement with the cattle industry.

Although I could relate many stories about our working relationship, I’ll take a moment and share a recent one.

Just a couple months ago we were in the process of selling a group of fall calves off the farm we had preconditioned for 45 days. A couple were smaller than the average group because they had been treated for pinkeye and had lost weight. The best black steer in the group had hurt his foot and was laying in the shade away from the others.

As Jimmy looked over the group, his advice for me was to hold the smaller calves for another couple months and get more weight on them. On the black steer he flatly said “He won’t bring $500 if you sell him now. He’s good. Get his foot better and bring him back at 750 lbs. and I’ll try to buy him.”

I did as he recommended. He was the buyer. I was the seller. As the seller, cattle producers need to provide a product the buyer wants or we get discounted.

Two months later, the group we held back sold. The smaller red steers brought about $150 per head more and the black steer was the high selling calf of the day bringing almost $1100.

The expertise and experience Jimmy had to offer cannot be replaced easily. It is my hope that many others can share similar experiences in working with Jimmy over the years and can honestly say he helped make your operation better.

Thank you Jimmy for choosing to make your life profession in the cattle business. God bless.

Till next time, keep putting on the pounds!