Park board’s executive committee meets

Posted September 5, 2018 at 8:42 am

The Clinton County Rec/Park Board’s executive committee met last Thursday evening, August 30 with five committee members present and limited items of business on the meeting’s agenda.

The board first approved the monthly treasurer’s report, which showed a fund balance of approximately $5,400.00 and noted that part-time park director Tim Moons’ salary is up to date through the end of August.

Moons was hired for the position from March through September and will remain in that position for the remainder of the month.

Board member Paula Little also noted that the last of the Healthy Hometown funding for the park has been earmarked and will see repairs to the softball field and new dugouts put in place. Further, Little League is to fund repair work on the baseball fields.

Work on the new dugouts is likely to begin in early fall.

A total of three bids were submitted on the lawn mower that had been declared surplus and let via sealed bids. The low bid was $368, the second low bid was $501 and the high bid, which was accepted by the board, was from Hunter Shearer at $551.50.

Board member Kelly Harmon also suggested putting up netting in front of the bleachers to help protect spectators from foul balls during baseball and softball games, noting a couple of people had been hit withfoul balls.

The board will check on prices for the cost of installing such safety nets around the spectator areas prior to the start of next season.

The board, on a motion by Leland Hicks, also voted to purchase the park maintenance director Michael Hood a commercial weed blower with charger.

The board also discussed the added use of the repaired batting cages and newly renovated basketball courts, including checking on getting a light repaired on the basketball court area.

The park board does not meet in the month of September.

The next regular meeting of the park board will be the Thursday, October 25 at 6 p.m. at the park and is open to the general public.