Relay for Life kicks-off, sets goals for 2018-19 fundraising campaign

Posted October 5, 2018 at 8:41 am

The Clinton County Relay For Life Committee kicked off its 2018-19 fundraising campaign with a meeting last Thursday evening, September 27 at the Early Childhood Center.

A total of six members, including ACS Relay For Life Area Coordinator Amanda Messer, who chaired the meeting, was on hand for the approximately 40 minute meeting.

The primary objective for the opening session was to set goals, dates, etc. for the upcoming Relay For Life event, which was tentatively scheduled for April 19 from 3-9 p.m. at Clinton County High School. Also, since that date is so close to the start of the Little League seasons, it is hoped the two events can somewhat coincide to give little league players, parents, and coaches a chance to participate in the Relay event.

Some goals were also set for the 2019 campaign, with the amount of funds hoped for being trimmed back because of recent years drop-offs in collections, partly due to a decrease in the amount of donations made through Keystone.

In years past, goals of over $50,000 had been set, but due to 2018 totals being under the $50,000 mark (at $48,432) and the uncertainty of donations from Keystone, or its new owner, the committee set a more realistic goal of $45,000 for the 2019 year.

Just two years ago, in 2017, the total amount collected for the American Cancer Society research locally was almost $53,000 and has decreased by around $4,400 in a two-year period.

The sponsorship goal amount of $4,500 was unchanged from last year and the survivor goal, which was 27 in 2017 but dropped to 13 last year, was raised back up to 20 survivors hoped for during the 2019 campaign.

Messer also announced that Pink-Out night for CCHS basketball has been scheduled for December 14 in a game vs. district opponent Russell County and Purple in the Pulpit Sunday has been set for November 4 for any church that wishes to participate.

Also during the meeting, Messer presented award plaques to a couple of Outstanding Team Captains for their work and fundraising last year. They were Lisa Smith at AES and Phyllis Flowers at The Medical Center at Albany.

Anyone wishing to register a team to help raise money for Clinton County’s Relay For Life, or for more information in general, may contact Messer, any committee member or go to the website:

All monetary donations, which go to the American Cancer Society’s research to find a cure against cancer, are also always welcomed and appreciated.

Look for more Relay For Life event news and information in the coming weeks in the Clinton County News.