Dawgs move to 8-1 on the year

Posted October 24, 2018 at 8:31 am


The Clinton County Bulldogs are one win away from having nine wins this season as the Bulldogs defeated Eminance on Friday night, 44-22.

“They put up more rushing yards than we have in the last two games combined,” Head Coach Jamie Miller said. “They had a couple of guys who were pretty fast.”

Clinton County fell behind in the first half, 22-14.

“We came right out after halftime and tied it up right off the bat,” Miller said. “That’s when their wheels fell off.”

Miller said his team was down 22-7 at one time, but his team’s ability to overcome a deficit is impressive.

“Noah (Pruitt) threw the ball extremely well Friday,” Miller said. “It was probably his best performance throwing the ball. It was great to see our guys fight through adversity.”

Clinton County moved to 8-1 on the year with only one game remaining on the schedule. The Bulldogs will travel to Jackson County on Thursday night of this week for the final game of the season and are looking for that 9-1 record.

“They use some different formations and we need to make sure we are in the right place,” Miller said. “We need to make sure we are lining up in the right spot and go play football.”

Miller said Jackson County isn’t fairing too well this season. With only one win against Berea, 40-12, Miller is optimistic his team can get the final win of the season.

McCreary Central defeated Jackson County 40-14 on October 12, but Clinton County defeated McCreary Central 62-0 on August 31.

“I never compare apples to oranges, but the team that we beat 62-0, beat Jackson County 40-14,” Miller said. “Maybe they just matched up better with them than they did us or maybe Jackson County just had an off game that night.”

Miller said this has been a great season for him and he doesn’t want it to end.

“This isn’t the season you want to end,” Miller said. “Team’s year in and year out who make it to the state title, well that’s an extra five games. If you do that every year your juniors have played as many games as your seniors have.”

Dakota Miller was credited for a sack during the first quarter of Clinton County’s game against Eminance. The Bulldogs improved its record to 8-1 with the 44-22 win.