Louisville man faces drug charges after traffic stop arrest

Posted December 5, 2018 at 11:09 am

On Sunday, November 25 at approximately 10:16 p.m., Kentucky State Police Trooper Jason Warinner was on patrol six miles east of Albany on KY 90 when he initiated a traffic stop on a 2000 Ford F150 for a speeding violation.

As Trooper Warinner made contact with the driver, 36-year-old Michael Points of Louisville, a strong odor of marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle.

A vehicle search was conducted, resulting in digital scales, three small bags of marijuana, cash, and several small bags of suspected cocaine weighing approximately 3.7 grams being located.

Points was arrested and charged with speeding 26 mph over the speed limit, failure to wear seatbelt, careless driving, DUI first, failure to maintain insurance first, failure to give right-of-way to emergency stopped vehicle, failure to notify Department of Transportation of address change, no insurance card, reckless driving, possession of a controlled substance first degree, first offense (cocaine), trafficking in a controlled substance first degree, second or subsequent offense (four grams, cocaine), trafficking in marijuana less than eight oz. first offense, and possession of marijuana.

Points was lodged in the Clinton County Jail.

The following morning, Monday, November 26, jail staff contacted Trp. Warinner stating they had located another bag of suspected cocaine outside his jail cell. Points stated that he had hidden it between his toes; he received an additional charge of promoting contraband first degree.