Ray Marcum comes home to retire, but will now work on fiscal court

Posted December 27, 2018 at 1:14 pm

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Ray Marcum, at 58, is a Clinton County native that recently “returned home” a few years ago to retire, but will now have a new job, that being Magistrate of the Second District.

Marcum has lived a large number of years in Richmond, and made his first bid for political office back home successful.

Marcum built a new home in the same community he was raised in, Walnut Grove. He is the son of Donald and Dorothy Marcum and attends Cumberland City United Methodist Church.

A 1978 CCHS graduate, Marcum obtained a degree in Agriculture from Eastern Kentucky University and was hired to manage the EKU farms, which he did for 33 and-a-half years prior to his retirement with the university.

He has been “back home” in Clinton County for the past three and-a-half years. He and his wife of 35 years, Debbie, have two children, daughter Sarah, a speech pathologist who resides in Somerset and a son, Isaac, a Farm Bureau agent in Richmond. They also have one 15-month old grandchild, Paisley.

Marcum said that upon returning home, he built a house and has helped his father on the farm. He also is a substitute teacher in the local school district, serves on some agricultural related committees and does wood working as a hobby.

The incoming court member said he was always interested in helping his community and began coming to fiscal court meetings soon after retiring and moving back home. It was during those meetings he said he felt he had some experiences that would help the county and community.

“I would like to help the court work for some goals to improve, and keep young people in the county with good jobs and help raise the standard of living here.” He added, “I was one of the people who had to leave home to get a job.”

Marcum also feels it is vital for the city, county and other agencies to work together, and echoed the need for extension of water lines, especially along the bypass. “The lack of water (lines) is hampering the community,” he said.

“I will do everything I can to make Clinton County government work, and also a good place for county employees to work,” he said.

Marcum feels the new fiscal court should look hard at the budget and audit and “make some adjustments in record keeping.”

The new magistrate is also a strong advocate of supporting the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and local law enforcement agencies.

“We do have a drug problem here and we need to support law enforcement as well as helping find different type jobs for the citizens of the county,” said Marcum.

Marcum estimated that, from his experience with working with the teenage youth in the county, that 85 percent would like to be able to stay home to find a job…but there’s not jobs for 85 percent of those youth.

The new magistrate feels that different types of employment opportunities are needed, noting that some jobs just aren’t meant for certain people.

“We have to work with the state and communicate to see what is out there and what kind of support is available that they can give us. “I do not want to re-invent the wheel,” said Marcum, “but balance it a little.”

Marcum concluded by thanking the people of the second district for their support and confidence, saying he campaigned hard and tried to “knock on every door” at least twice.

He said he would work hard for the district and would be an honest, open and dependable leader. He also said anyone needing his assistance with matters pertaining to county government in his district could reach him by call 606-306-4089.