Lowhorn anxious to return to fiscal court as fifth district magistrate

Posted January 8, 2019 at 9:19 am

Jerry Lowhorn 12-18.psd

Jerry Lowhorn will officially began a “second” term on the Clinton County Fiscal Court come January 1, after a hiatus of some 12 years.

Lowhorn will bring some experience to the court, after having served an earlier term from January 2003 through December 2006 under former judge/executive Donnie McWhorter.

The Fifth District Magistrate will represent the Speck (where he resides) and Illwill precincts of Clinton County as a member of the court, one of three new members that will take seats next year.

Lowhorn said he decided to run again because he had a lot of constituents urge him to do so, also adding he had a lot of respect for outgoing magistrate Hershell Key who has served in that seat the past few years.

“I think I done a good job for the people of the Speck and Illwill precincts when I was first magistrate,” said Lowhorn “I tried to be fair and do what is by the law.”

Lowhorn said he felt the most important job as a court member is taking care of the needs of the people of his district, and also help all residents in the county by trying to get additional jobs. He also said he would work to get water on the bypass, saying that is about the only way the county can grow.

The returning magistrate also noted that the county needed to get the problems cited in the county’s 2017 year audit straightened out and to make sure the jail is solvent financially.

While noting that jobs and water line access are crucial, Lowhorn also mentioned the need to get the 127 (from Hwy. 55 in Russell County) to Junction Station in Clinton County completed.

“I think the new mayor and council and the county government can work together,” said Lowhorn. “We need upgrades to the existing water system, better roads and infrastructure.”

Lowhorn is a Clinton County native and a 1978 graduate of Clinton County High School.

His work history includes seven years with Ed Payne at the old Ashland Station in Albany, 18 years for Doug Sewell at NAPA Auto Parts and he has now been an employee with the City of Albany’s water department for the past 22 years.

Lowhorn, age 58, is the son of Fred and Mary Lowhorn and he and his wife, Francis (Pittman) Lowhorn have two children, Joshua and Leslie Ann and four grandchildren.

Lowhorn said he would like to thank the past mayors he has worked for, for allowing him to have a good job, and thanked his supporters for putting their confidence in him to serve them on the fiscal court.

“I am going to work hard for the people of my district. I have already been checking every road in the district and will continue to identify the people’s needs,” he concluded.