The Wayne County Outlook

Posted January 9, 2019 at 9:23 am

A Wayne County inmate received numerous injuries after allegedly being assaulted by another inmate just before midnight on Sunday, December 10. According to the citation, Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Parmley received a complaint from the Wayne County Detention Center of the assault.

The citation states that the victim was Michael David Kimes and the accused was Dylan Mason.

The assault was on video and recorded, allegedly showing Kimes laying on the bench in the cell and Mason standing over him on top of the table and taunting him.

After Mason went into the bathroom, the citation said that Kimes got up. The two men allegedly exchanged words, but according to the citation, Kimes appeared to be attempting to avoid the confrontation.

The citation states that Mason came out of the bathroom with a broom mop handle and allegedly assaulted him. Kimes attempted to defend himself, but was thrown to the floor.

The mop handle broke into several pieces when Kimes was struck by it numerous times.

The citation alleges that Mason continued to assault Kimes while he was on the floor by punching him.

Kimes received numerous injuries and was transported to the Wayne County Hospital by jail staff to receive treatment.

Mason was arrested at 1:12 a.m. on Monday, December 31. He was charged with second degree assault.

Officials said that interviews will be conducted as part of the investigation. Pictures and video footage were obtained from the detention center.

Mason is currently being held at the Wayne County Detention Center in connection with the shooting death of Matthew Young in August of 2017.