Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted January 9, 2019 at 9:25 am

Mid-season time for a look at some rankings

Looking at rankings/ratings can be pretty entertaining and I seldom put a lot of stock in them especially on the high school level because there are simply too many variables on this level that can drastically change how a team is ranked – in just a single bounce of the ball.

Still, taking a look once or twice a season is something I do anyway and as we’ve now gone past the halfway mark and thoughts are starting to turn to two things (the All “A” Classic run and the post-season tournament stretch), well, let’s take a quick look.

First of all, my favorite of the rankings is the Dave Cantrell set that comes out in the Lexington Herald the first of every week when the season is well underway.

Looking at both the girls and boys, of course the first thing that jumps out is both No. 1 teams – and a sigh of relief that Scott County isn’t in the 4th Region. The Lady Cardinals and Cardinals hold down the top spot in both polls.

Doesn’t happen that often, but that’s the case right now.

Girls first.

Behind Scott County, going down the list, you get completely out of the Top 25 without finding a single team from our 4th Region being rated.

Without doing the math, the top rated 4th Region team, the Trojanettes of Barren County, wouldn’t be far out of the Top 25, with Bowling Green and Glasgow not much farther back.

Across our 16th District, Russell County leads, holding down the No. 5 spot in the region, followed by Metcalfe County (No. 8 in the region), our Lady Bulldogs next (No. 15 in the region) and finally Cumberland County (No. 17 in the region).

Looking across the lineup for the upcoming All “A” regionals, that puts Metcalfe out in front, followed by Monroe, Russellville, Clinton, Todd and Cumberland, in that order.

Now the boys.

Unlike the aforementioned situation, Bowling Green’s Purples are included in the boys’ Top Ten grouping and while Scott County is a clear, way out in front, leader, the next group of teams is very tightly rated.

Bowling Green, holding down the No. 9 spot in the poll, is the only 4th Region squad in the Top 25.

Looking across the region, behind the Purples are Warren Central, Logan County Greenwood, Allen County Glasgow, Monroe County, Barren County, Clinton County and Franklin-Simpson rounding out the top 10.

In our own 16th District, with the Bulldogs leading, next would be Russell County (No. 14), Metcalfe County (No. 15) and Cumberland County (No. 17).

In the boys’ All “A” grouping, the six teams hoping to advance to Richmond out of our 4th Region would see Monroe County in the highest ranked position, closely followed by Clinton in a neck and neck for the favored nod, with Russellville, Metcalfe County, Todd Central and Cumberland County rounding out the field.

This particular situation is one reason I don’t put a lot of stock at this stage of the game in the rankings. Clinton County’s Bulldogs are still trying to figure out how to make things click right this season – and when that happens, no way are we a No. 8 team in this 4th Region.

Now – throw it up and see how it all works out.

I’m in the gym, don’t call me until April!