Guffey family gets a surprise with Christmas gift, as does Colorado Korea veteran

Posted January 9, 2019 at 9:33 am

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Nigel Guffey, above with his dad, Robert, and grandmother, Cindy Guffey, shows off the military identifications he found inside a wallet he received as a Christmas gift.

After speaking to the Korean Veteran that the documents belonged to over the telephone, the Guffey family will be returning the documents to the rightful owner.

A Clinton County family had somewhat of a surprise during the Christmas holiday, and as it turned out, so did a Veteran of the Korean War from Colorado.

Earl Claborn, the local Veteran Service Officer, repeated the strange turn of events to the Clinton County News last week.

Nigel Guffey received a new wallet from his dad, Robert Guffey, during the Christmas holiday, Claborn repeated to the News, but when the young man opened the wallet up, he felt like there was something extra inside.

The wallet, which was “new old stock,” did in fact have something extra inside, and the Guffeys, along with Robert’s mother, Nigel’s grandmother, brought it in to Claborn’s office, along with the story.

What Nigel found inside was a Military Identification card, an Honorable Discharge Certificate and a retirement card from the city of Denver, Colorado.

Robert had already searched internet files and discovered that the gentleman named on the cards was still alive and lived in Denver, Colorado.

“Together, we called the Veteran and spoke with him and he was surprised that his original documents were found in Kentucky in a new wallet,” Claborn said last week. “He was even more surprised that we were returning them to him.”

Claborn said he and the Guffey family spoke with the 87 year-old Korean War Veteran for a few minutes, traded stories and had a few laughs during the telephone conversation.

“I would just like to say thank you to the Guffey family for letting me share this experience,” Claborn said. “To be able to return something back to a person that has been gone for so long makes you feel great. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of the Guffey family. “