Mayor Pierce terminates longtime Police Chief Guffey

Posted January 17, 2019 at 10:19 am

A long-time individual who has worked decades in law enforcement, including over 20 years as Albany Police Chief, serving under two different mayors, was relieved of those duties by new mayor Lyle Pierce last week.

Mayor Pierce confirmed Friday, January 11 that he had in fact terminated Ernest Guffey.

The move, which apparently was unexpected to most, was reportedly effective immediately and Albany Police Officer Chris Neal has been appointed to serve as interim police chief until a permanent replacement is named.

The mayor told the Clinton County News on Monday that, through advise from city legal advisor Norb Sohm, he could not comment on the matter since it involves a personnel issue.

Former Chief Guffey made some brief comments on his dismissal this past weekend, reading a copy of the short termination letter which was signed by mayor Pierce and given to him last week.

No specific reason for the dismissal was listed in the letter, which basically stated that Guffey’s services were no longer needed and the action was to become effective immediately.

Guffey has severed in law enforcement for many years, starting out as a county patrolman before joining the Albany Police Department. He was appointed to the position by the late Albany Mayor James Brown back in the 1990s as chief.

Mayor Pierce had served under Guffey as assistant police chief for several years prior to leaving the position at the end of December to take the office of mayor at the start of this year.

Guffey said he had always considered mayor Pierce a good friend and was totally surprised and very disappointed about his (the mayor’s) decision.