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Posted January 23, 2019 at 9:37 am

The possibility of Sunday alcohol sales throughout Russell County came a step closer to reality last week.

Monday, January 14, at the Russell County Fiscal Court meeting, Lakewood Country Club Board member Greg Shaw spoke on behalf of the club in favor of allowing Sunday sales in the county. He spoke about how, like many businesses in Russell County, they rely on the higher traffic during late spring through early fall.

“Lakewood is an attraction for Russell County. It’s an important piece to have for tourism and local membership,” Shaw said.

“We have events through the summer. We have holiday weekends with a lot of high traffic greens fees paid. The weekends are where we make our money. Limiting us to one day on the weekend to sell alcohol is limiting our revenue. Limiting what we do.”

Russell County Judge-Executive Gary Robertson polled the magistrates, resulting in a 3-2 vote in favor.

It was then voted to have the Sunday sale hours set the same hours already established by the City of Jamestown with the final vote and second reading in March.

The first reading for Sunday sales will be held at the next regular meeting in February.

David Dyson, general manger of the Marina at Rowena, greeted the court. He announced that the marina is due to be operational by this coming spring. “They are currently accepting registration and deposits for slips. The marina will also have a restaurant on site.

“We look forward to serving the community and all the customers we hope to have,” Dyson said.