School board has busy meeting Monday

Posted January 23, 2019 at 2:08 pm

Clinton County Board of Education held a busy first of the year opening business meeting Monday evening with all four active members present, hearing a trio of presentations and voting on several items of business.

Superintendent Charlotte Nasief opening the meeting by presenting gifts and certificates to board members from staff and administration as part of January being Board Member’s Appreciation Month.

With the recent departure of board chairperson Paula Key from the board, a new Chairman and Vice-Chair was elected, those being Kevin Marcum as Chairman (he had recently been servicing as Vice-Chair) and Gary Norris was elected Vice-Chairman of the board.

Kevin Cheek, Principal Educational Facility Planner with the architectural firm of Sherman Carter Barnhart, then spoke to the board about the process of renovations and funding for the HVAC system at Albany Elementary School.

Superintendent Nasief again noted that with prior bonding revenue saved from state allotments, a majority of bond money already available would help pay for about three-quarters of the project.

It was also noted that revenue from the bond money in place has to be expended by the end of this calendar year, giving architects and engineers the time to submit a plan to present to the Kentucky Department of Education to do the project this year.

Cheek told the board the renovation project could be done step by step and he would be working with the board’s engineering firm and hopefully be able to submit a plan on the project as early as next month.

The HVAC system at AES is approximately 23 years old, longer than the average “life expectancy” of some systems and also some parts for the current equipment are no longer made.

Paulette Brinley, Director of Food Service, presented the Nutritional and Physical Activity Report Card and the Wellness Policies on Physical Activity and Nutrition.

Noted during the report was the fact that the Food Service Program had received $26,000 to provide Clinton County Middle School students fresh fruits and vegetables, and noted the increase of participation of students receiving breakfast at each school.

Further, she noted all students received a certain amount of physical education each day and was awarded the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities as well.

She also announced the annual school “Taste Testing” event highlighting new types of food offered to students, is set for April 9 at Clinton County High School, and this event is open to everyone.

Both the Nutritional and Activity Report Card and Wellness Policies on Physical Activity, on separate votes, were approved.

The board also voted unanimously to approve a bid from VIRCO Equipment for Educators for replacement of seating/tables for the CCHS cafeteria at a cost of $78,154.06.

After the bid was accepted, Brinley noted that since the cost of the cafeteria equipment came in under estimated budget, she would also like to use remaining funds for a couple of other projects, especially putting down new flooring in the cafeteria as part of the overall renovation project.

Brandon Pharis, Mental Health Liaison, gave a presentation on the recent culture audit that was done at each school.

Pharis revealed the number of students receiving some type of counseling, due to partnerships with mental health agencies, was over 150, which was a good thing, meaning students who need help in any area now have it available at their own school.

He noted that in the past, there had been a stigma”for students who needed or asked for counseling, but said that stigma is starting to fade.

The report included counseling services that are available; growth in counseling referrals; threat assessments; cultural audit data and the benefits of behavioral health services.

The board then approved minutes of two prior meetings, approved several school related trips and high school and middle school spring sports teams schedules for the 2019 season, as well as the CCHS volleyball schedule this fall.

Board Chairman Marcum then gave the monthly personnel report, as follows:

* Leave of absence: Renee Gray, intermittent leave through February 28; Janet Lovell, extended leave through February 14; Stacey Evans, January 24 through March 1.

* Certified resignations: Mickey McFall, tennis coach and Jamison Miller, head football coach, both at Clinton County High School.

* Certified hired: Sarah Winsett, teacher at Albany Elementary; Nicole Duvall, Academic Coach at AES; Ashley Shelton, Academic Coach at the middle school.

* Classified resignations: Sarah Winsett, clerical assistant at AES; Paula Gibson, aide for special needs children at the Early Childhood Center; Doug Barney, assistant football coach at CCHS.

* Classified retired: Sandra Pharis, Family Resource Coordinator, ECC and AES, effective February 28.

* Classified hired: Paula Gibson, clerical assistant/paraprofessional II at AES.

* Classified non-renewal contract: Chris Smith, assistant football coach at the high school.

* Substitute teachers: Noah Gregory, Brittany Kennedy, Dana Coverstone, Mackenzie Polston, Keisha Garrett, all district-wide.

The board also voted unanimously to rehire Angie Capps as board attorney.

Capps, however, told the board she had been offered a job as a city attorney but would continue to serve as local board attorney until another could be found.

After approving attendance of board members and superintendent for mandatory training to the Kentucky School Boards Association 2019 annual conference, three non-resident pupil contracts were approved, between Clinton County and Cumberland County, Glasgow Independent and Barren County schools for the 2019-20 school year.

After approving a fundraiser for the middle school boys’ basketball team, the board also voted to allow an exemption to board policy regarding district activities on Sundays in order to allow sports teams an opportunity to play in tournaments.

It was noted during discussion that students who participate in sports would be allowed, at their own choice, to attend a worship service.

Superintendent Nasief also reiterated that Sunday events, sports or otherwise, would only be on rare occasions, such as tournaments, etc. when games or events could not be held otherwise.

The board also approved entering into an agreement with the Kentucky School Boards Association for the purpose of eMeeting service.

According to Nasief, there is a one-time up front fee of $2,500 but would save the district on average about $3,200 per year. The service would allow board packets/books to be emailed, rather than printed in books, to board members to review prior to physical open public meetings.

The board also voted unanimously to approve entering into an agreement with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department for the purpose of (adding) a School Resource Officer (SRO) for the 2019-20 school year. This will now mean the district with have two SROs to serve the schools in the district.

Director of Pupil Personnel Julie York then presented the attendance report for the fifth month of school, which ran from November 30, 2018 through January 7, 2019.

The improved attendance rates continued, as ADA (Average Daily Attendance) was up three-quarters of a percent for the fifth month over the same month a year ago, standing at 93.64 percent compared to 92.88 the same month last year.

York noted that attendance was up at all schools in the district, with Albany Elementary again having the highest attendance rate at 94.64 and Clinton County High School showed drastic improvement, going from 90.49 a year ago to 91.76, over a 1.2 percent increase, over last year.

Following a brief monthly superintendent’s report, no public comments were made and the board agenda was approved and the meeting adjourned.

The school board’s next work session is scheduled for Thursday, February 14 and regular business meeting Monday, February 18. Both meetings will be held at the Central Office at 5 p.m. each night and is open to the general public.