Lady Dawgs grab two region wins

Posted February 13, 2019 at 9:43 am



The Clinton County Lady Dawgs picked up two wins this week over Monroe County on Friday night and Warren Central on Saturday afternoon, but fell to Taylor County on Tuesday.

Clinton County 48

Warren Central 40

The Lady Dawgs played their final game at Lindle Castle Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon against 4th Region opponent Warren Central.

Both teams started out struggling on the hardwood, but it was the Lady Dawgs that scored first with a three pointer by Abbi Young, 3-0.

Warren Central tied the score on a three pointer of its own and took the lead on two free throws made, 5-3.

Young came in again and knocked down a three pointer to regain the lead, 6-5, but Warren Central hit a field goal and a free throw for a two point lead with 1:33 on the clock, 8-6.

The Lady Dawgs finished the quarter with a 5-0 run to lead after one, 11-9.

Clinton County continued its run in the second quarter with an 8-1 run to put the Lady Dawgs up by nine at the 3:40 mark, 19-10.

By halftime, Clinton County had managed to keep a lead, 24-18, but shot very poorly from the floor, nine for 28 for 32 percent. Clinton County also missed its first 10 free throws of the game and ended up being 0 for 12 before finally hitting one in the fourth quarter.

During the third quarter, Clinton County started to wear down as Warren Central began chipping away at the lead.

Warren Central opened the quarter with an 8-0 run and took the lead at the 4:55 mark, 26-24.

Landree Moons tied the score on a field goal at the 4:20 mark, followed by a field goal from Braylee Mann for a two point lead, 28-26.

Warren Central tied the score at 28 to end the quarter.

To start the final period, Young opened up with a three pointer, but a field goal and a free throw tied the score by Warren Central at the 5:45 mark. Warren Central took the lead on the next possession with a three pointer, 34-31.

Mann knocked down two free throws to cut the lead to one point mid way in the fourth quarter, 34-33.

Those two free throws were the first two made by Clinton County and the first two points in a 12-0 run by the Lady Dawgs.

With 40 seconds remaining, Clinton County had took control of the game and put together a 43-34 lead.

In the final seconds, Warren Central managed to score six points, but sending Clinton County to the line every other possession didn’t seem to pay off as the Lady Dawgs scored five points from the line to close out the game with a win, 48-40.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Mann 19

Young 15

Roberts 7

Stockton 5

Moons 2

Clinton County 69

Monroe County 66


Clinton County hosted senior night Friday night against Monroe County.

This year, Clinton County has three seniors including, Joelie Hicks, Alexis Roberts, Rylee Stockton and Gabby Longwell.

The game started off with a swapping of baskets as Monroe County agreed to let Joelie Hicks, who has been injured all season, a chance to score a basket at the beginning of the game.

The Lady Dawgs opened the came on the cold side, but managed to heat up towards the end of the period and take a 14-11 lead after one.

Monroe County hit the first two baskets in the second quarter to take a 15-14 lead over the Lady Dawgs, but back-to-back field goals by Mann and Stockton put Clinton County up by three, 18-15.

The Lady Dawgs remained in control of the game for the remainder of the half.

Clinton County did manage to take a six point lead at the 2:40 mark, and led by three at the half, 31-28.

Both teams were back and forth during the third quarter with Monroe County cutting the lead to two to start the third period, 31-29.

Clinton County’s Stockton hit a three pointer to put the Dawgs up by five, but a field goal and a three pointer by Monroe County tied the score at 34 with 4:20 on the clock.

Young hit a three pointer at the 3:50 mark, but five straight points by Monroe County gave the Lady Falcons the led, 39-37.

Moons tied the score at 39 at the 3:01 mark, but Monroe County hit a field goal to regain a two point lead, 41-39.

Mann went to the line at the 2:18 mark and hit one of two, and with Young knocking down another three pointer, Clinton County regained a two point lead with 2:09 remaining in the third, 43-41.

By the end of the third quarter, both teams would be on an even keel as the game was tied at 45.

During the final quarter, both teams went back and forth for the entire eight minutes, never getting any farther away than three points from each other.

With Clinton County up by two with 1:50 remaining, 58-56, the Lady Dawgs tried to use the clock to their advantage.

Clinton County made a steal at the 1:29 mark, but ended up fouling Monroe County on defense, sending the Lady Falcons to the line. Monroe County hit two of two to tie the score at 58.

With 28 seconds remaining in regulation, Mann was sent to the line where she knocked down two of two for a two point lead, 60-58.

Monroe County was fouled, sending them to the line with 18 seconds remaining. The Lady Falcons hit two of two to tie the score at 60.

On the final possession in regulation, Clinton County worked the floor to try and get a last second shot. With four seconds remaining, Head Coach Darrell Thompson called a timeout to set up a play for the final shot.

As seconds ticked away, a final shot wasn’t made, sending the game into overtime, 60-60.

In the overtime period, it was Roberts who knocked down the first three pointer to put the Lady Dawgs up by three, 63-60.

Monroe County cut the lead to one point on a field goal, but Moons hit one of two from the line to put the Lady Dawgs up by two points, 64-62 with 2:52 remaining.

Monroe County tied the game on the next possession, but a series of free throws, one each by Moons and Young, followed by a putback by Roberts, gave Clinton County a 68-64 lead.

Mann hit a free throw with 48 seconds remaining to put the Lady Dawgs up by five, 69-64, but with 36 seconds remaining, Monroe County hit a field goal to cut the lead to three.

Clinton County held strong in the final seconds and kept Monroe County from scoring, taking the overtime win, 69-66.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Young 20

Roberts 19

Mann 12

Stockton 11

Moons 5

Hicks 2

Clinton County 47

Taylor County 53

The Lady Dawgs traveled to Taylor County on Tuesday night in what was a close game, however, Clinton County came up short, 53-48.

During the first quarter, Clinton County was only down by three, 16-13, as the Lady Dawgs saw scoring from Stockton with two points, three from Young, six from Mann and a field goal by Moons.

The Lady Dawgs struggled in the second quarter only hitting two field goals and two free throws for six total points, while Taylor County put up 12 for the period.

At the half, Clinton County trailed by 28-19.

During the third quarter, Clinton County put up only eight points compared to Taylor County’s 10, to trail by 11 after three, 38-27.

As the fourth quarter got underway, Clinton County began to chip away at the lead.

The Lady Dawgs put up 20 fourth quarter points, including three from Roberts, eight from Stockton, three from Young, five from Mann and one from McKenzie Cope.

Taylor County managed to put up only 15, which brought the Lady Dawgs closer, however, Clinton County came up six points short of a win, 53-47.

Individual scoring for Clinton County was:

Mann 17

Stockton 14

Young 8

Roberts 5

Moons 2

Cope 1

Clinton County was back in action on Tuesday, too late for press deadline, against Somerset and traveled to Barren County on Thursday for the final game of the regular season.