Elementary Academic Team places in district

Posted February 13, 2019 at 2:22 pm


Members of the Elementary Academic team are pictured above, from left to right, first row, Silas Boykin, Cannon Thrasher, Alli Latham, and Jed Groce. Second row is: Caleb Shepperd, Nevina Shelton, Addison Weston, Kassie Shelton, Jaelyn Moreland, Addison Coop and Gavin York.

On Saturday February 9, the Elementary Academic Team competed in the 54th District Governor’s Cup competition at Metcalfe County Elementary. The team had a very successful day and brought home several awards, as a team and as individual competitors.

For Quick Recall, the team earned 2nd Place and will advance as a team to Region on March 2, 2019.

Coach Ashley Shelton said her team was very excited about their achievements.

“They were so excited to win as a team, and to win individual medals, especially since this is their last year at the elementary level,” Shelton said. “Next year they will move up to the middle school level.”

For Written Assessment, the following students placed. They will advance to Region to test in individual categories.


Alli Latham- 2nd Place

Jed Groce- 3rd Place

Addison Coop- 4th Place


Jed Groce- 1st Place

Gavin York- 2nd Place

Cannon Thrasher- 4th Place

Social Studies-

Caleb Shepperd- 2nd Place

Silas Boykin- 3rd Place

Language Arts-

Alli Latham- 1st Place

Nevina Shelton- 3rd Place

Arts and Humanities-

Addison Coop- 3rd Place

Kassie Shelton- 4th Place

The team earned the runners-up trophy for the district.

“They have weekly practice sessions, and have questions they study independently,” Shelton said. “We compete again on March 2 at Jamestown Elementary.”