Rec Park progress slowed by lack of board members attending meetings

Posted March 6, 2019 at 9:30 am

Over two months into the 2019 calendar year, and with spring and summer activities at Mountain View Park already here, the Clinton County Recreation Park Board has yet to hold an official meeting to begin planning and making some important decisions for the year to come.

The reason the board has not met thusfar this year seems to be an ongoing one, which is now getting to be somewhat of a serious situation–the lack of a quorum of appointed members who attend, and ultimately have to make decisions concerning park operations.

The first meeting of the year, scheduled for the last Thursday in January, was cancelled because there could not be enough members able to attend. The second meeting, scheduled for last Thursday, February 28, saw only three members on hand, thus again, causing the session to be cancelled.

The timing is somewhat adverse with things such as middle school softball beginning in just weeks at the park, the onset of the Youth League baseball/softball season in April and the need for hiring a part-time park director, along with other decisions that need to be made.

For the past several months, the “executive committee”, which is made up of five members who vote in the absence of a full quorum, have had to make the majority of decisions.

During unofficial discussions with the three members in attendance last week, it is hoped that entities–the school board, city council and fiscal court–who appoint members to the board, may consider placing some Youth League board members on the park board to help alleviate the ongoing issue.

Discussions with Youth League and government officials to appoint new members, when necessary, is ongoing now.

The park board’s next regular meeting isn’t slated until March 28 and there is a possibility that a special call meeting may be held prior to that date.