Drew Davis / Gale Moons

Posted March 13, 2019 at 8:34 am

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‘Respectful, loving, tough’

Do you think you could catch a striped bass your first catch? I cannot, but I know someone who can, Gale Moons could. I always called him Pa; everyone in my family does. Pa is respectful, loving and tougher than nails. In conclusion, he can catch a striped bass but there is one thing he has not caught yet, Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

First, my Pa is very respectful and would never hold you back. He once told me the only one holding yourself back is you. I think about what that means sometimes. I hear that saying a lot but I think Pa means it most. For example, he always treated me like I was better than everyone, but the reason Pa was so special is because that is how he makes everyone feel. For instance, he was so respectful that his respectfulness got him a wife, Wilma Moons. Finally, that turned him into a loving man which he still is. In summary, that is why he deserves Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

Second, my Pa is a loving man. Also, he always loved kids, and that is probably why he had five. Additionally, he was a ladies’ man. You could tell because every time I saw him, he always asked me if I had a girlfriend. Guess it is harder than it looks. And, I know he always was last in line even though he had been up since seven working. In brief, he could be a loving man. But he was also meaner than a copperhead, but he turned that into toughness, kind of like getting the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year. It’s tough, but he deserves it.

Third, my Pa is tougher than a batch of nails. Namely, he was in the Vietnam War and put his life on the line for all the millions of people who live in America. Likewise, after he got out of war, he needed a job; he got into construction which meant he would be twenty feet high on a sunny day when it is ninety-eight degrees outside. You probably have to have a lot of willpower for that. Lastly, he had to watch five kids while working then and there, had a heart attack and still survived! Therefore, I think he deserves the recognition of this award.

In conclusion, my Pa is respectful, loving, and tougher than nails. But, then again, the reason Pa is special is because he cares, and he shows it too. That is why my Pa, Gale Moons, deserves Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.