Dalton Poore / Roger Boils

Posted March 13, 2019 at 8:35 am

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My grandpa has always been a father figure to me! He is always caring for people and caring for me and my family. He is also patient towards people like me, and by people like me, I mean I cannot really do anything or understand anything very fast. He is always a very good example to children my age by being wise and well-mannered at like every family get together or anything that involves the public really. Since he is all these things and more, I think he should be granted the title of the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

My Pops is always caring for me in more ways than I can count. He would do anything to make me happy, even bring the sky to the ground. He cares for me and loves me so much. If I broke something valuable to him like a family heirloom, then he would forgive me and tell me a story about how he did the same thing when he was a kid. My Pa is always telling me that the world is a dangerous place. He also talks about how I do not have to face the world alone and that even after he dies, he will still be here caring for me. In summary, my grandpa should be awarded the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year award for always caring for me.

My Pa is very patient with people like me that are really slow to respond or figure something out. For example, he taught me how to fish and took a long time and by long time, I mean about a month of non-stop fishing and you have to be able to sit through all that stuff. So yeah, he is pretty darn patient to do stuff like that. And that is another reason I love him because he does not rush me. He lets me take my time; something most people do not do. As an example, if he asks me a question and I do not answer then he will wait a minute or two and then ask me again and so an and so on until I do answer. And that is another reason why I love him because his person is designed for me. In summary, my grandpa should be titled the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

The third and final reason he is the best grandparent is that he is very well-mannered. My Pa is the most respectful and grateful person I have seen. For example, if we were eating dinner at a restaurant, then he would dress up in his best clothes and use his best manners at the dinner table. He is very nice and neat in stores when we go shopping because it is just common courtesy to do so. I just wish more people I know were like him and care for other people like he does. In conclusion, I think my pa should receive the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year award for being so well-mannered.

In summary, my grandpa, Roger Boils, should be recognized as the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year for many reasons, but there are three that really stand out. Those three reasons are that he cares, he is patient, and he is well-mannered.

‘Caring, patient, well mannered’