Search committee begins superintendent screening process

Posted April 10, 2019 at 8:10 am

The search to find a new Clinton County Schools Superintendent to replace current superintendent Charlotte Nasief is now well underway, following a joint meeting of the school board and search committee held Monday evening, April 8.

Superintendent Nasief, who has been schools chief for the past seven years, will be stepping down effective June 30 of this year and the application process–including the 30-day advertising period–is now complete and the search committee has officially begun its work to decide between applicants to present to the school board for consideration.

Monday night’s joint meeting was moderated by Tim Eaton, Field Consultant with the Kentucky School Boards Association, who is guiding the board and committee through the selection process.

Also present at the special meeting was newly appointed board member Leslie Stockton and new school board attorney Winter Huff.

Following an overview of the procedures with both the board and the committee, the board meeting was adjourned and the selection committee began review of the applications that have been received.

The committee will also be charged with developing questions to ask of perspective applicants and a set of questions will also be formed by the board when they get down to the finalists in the process.

The screening committee, under KRS statute, is made up of two teachers (selected by teachers); one board member (selected by the board); one principal (elected by principals); one parent (elected by the president of the parent-teacher organization) and one classified employee (selected from classified personnel.)

The local committee consists of the following: board member Kevin Marcum; CCMS principal Angela Sloan; Ken Dearborn and Terry Shelley (certified); Greg Cummings (classified); and parent member Julie Thrasher.

A total of 20 applications had been received, however three of those were listed as incomplete. Of the 17, 14 were male applicants and three were female. Four of those who applied were out of state with 13 in-state applicants.

The breakdown in positions included four current superintendents, seven central office personnel, five principals and one retiree.

The first meeting was one step in the total process, and dealt with receiving applications, determining reference check questions, applicant questions and understanding the procedure for the initial screening.

The second meeting, scheduled for Monday, April 22, will involve applicants chosen for reference and background checks, assign candidates to reference check and understand reference check procedures.

A third meeting of the committee, scheduled for May 6, will include finalized recommendations for board consideration and turning over applicant files and notes to the board.

Another joint meeting of the board and screening committee will be held on May 13 to receive committee recommendations (finalists), followed by a board planning meeting.

Board interviews of candidates will take place between May 15 and 31 with a new superintendent named sometime in June.

Clinton County School Board Chairman Kevin Marcum also read the board’s charge to the screening committee, as follows:

1. Maintain the confidentiality of applicants except as may be necessary to check references.

2. Turn over all applications to the board by May 13 with the recommendations noted.

3. Recommend 3-5 candidates.

4. Recommended applicants are to be listed in alphabetical order and not ranked.

5. Meet with the board on May 13 for the purpose of formally recommending and discussing the candidates.

Criteria (for the Superintendent’s position):

* An innovative and motivational leader with strong proven leadership and a record of improving student achievement.

* Administrative experience and be an instructional leader committed to college readiness.

* Effectively communicate with the staff and the business sector to achieve district goals.

* Possess strong morals and ethics.

* Experience in budgeting, school finances, buildings and grounds, and knowledge of the Kentucky Education System are required.