School board meets

Posted April 17, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Clinton County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting Monday, April 15 with all members present. The regular meeting was preceded by a one-hour training session on the technology used to conduct “emeetings” via computer.

The new system saves the district on the cost of printing paper handbooks (sometimes up to 25 pages) previously used for the board to stay informed and conduct business at regular and special meetings.

During the regular meeting, the board first heard a presentation about the GEAR-UP program, with a review of the benefits it offers to high school students.

While approving minutes from previous meetings, board member Gary Norris requested an amendment be made to a call meeting on March 28, noting that he was not present at the meeting because he had not been notified. The amendment was noted.

The minutes, as well as approval of between meeting disbursements, claims and bills and approval of several school related trips then passed by unanimous vote.

Following a brief monthly finance report from Finance Director Mike Reeves, board chairman Kevin Marcum then gave the monthly personnel report, as follows:

* Leave of absence: Kim Cross through May 23.

* Classified resignations: Jenny Dicken, Food Service Assistant II; Amy Gibson, assistant cheer coach at CCHS; Rocky Tallent, assistant football coach at CCHS.

* Classified hired: Ansley Nelson, assistant softball coach at CCMS; Kevan Young, assistant baseball coach at CCMS; Rocky Tallent, head football coach at the high school.

* Transfer: Leslie Groce from part-time cook/baker to full-time Food Service Assistant II.

* Substitute teacher: Stevie Walker, district-wide.

On a motion by Bobbi Bair, the board approved the intent to advertise and issue a request for proposal (RFP) for the purpose of soliciting proposals for a guaranteed energy savings project for Clinton County Schools.

That issue had been discussed at length during a work session last Thursday.

Companies wishing to make a proposal will have a 45-day window to submit them for consideration.

Following a brief discussion, the board, on a motion by Sue Irwin, approved a bid of $107,195 from Gaddie-Shamrock of Albany for the purpose of resurfacing the high school tennis court.

An original estimate to make much needed repairs to the court was between $110,000 and $120,000, and due to the condition of the existing court, it has become somewhat of a liability for the district.

Most members felt to continue having a tennis program, or without having the local teams to play all their matches away from home, they felt the choice was clear to approve the resurfacing project.

The board then tabled a proposal for the demolition of the old Annex Building until its May meeting when proper paperwork can be obtained pertaining to the contract.

The board then voted to approve mileage reimbursement to follow (the) state rate when the employee uses his/her own vehicle, with the measure to become effective immediately.

On a motion by Leslie Stockton, the board approved entering into an agreement with Cumberland Family Medical, Inc. to provide school nursing services for the 2019-20 school year.

On a motion by Norris, the board approved an agreement with Somerset Community College for the purpose of Dual Credit Courses for the next school term; they also approved an agreement with Midway University for 2019-20 for the renewed Teacher Education Program and approved a lease with the Lake Cumberland Area Development District effective March 1 through June 30 of this year, pending approval from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Director of Pupil Personnel Julie York then gave the monthly attendance report for the eight month of school, which ran from March 7 through April 10.

Attendance for the month, compared to the same month during the 2017-18 year, was down by just .14 tenths of a percent overall, standing at 92.12 compared to 92.26 last year.

The school with the highest average daily attendance (ADA) was Albany Elementary with a 92.70 ADA. Clinton County Middle School had the most improved rate, with that school’s ADA being 92.39 for the month.

The district has maintained an excess of 92 percent average overall so far for the entire school year.

Following a brief monthly superintendent’s report by superintendent Charlotte Nasief, there were no public comments, the agenda was then approved and the meeting adjourned.

The school board’s next work session is scheduled for Thursday, May 16 and next regular business meeting for Monday, May 20, both at the Central Office and both are open to the general public.

School board hears energy savings project details at work session

Clinton County Board of Education spent the vast majority of its one and-a-half hour work session last Thursday evening discussing a major HVAC and energy system overall, primarily at Albany Elementary, and agreed to have a formal proposal considered at its regular meeting that was held this past Monday night.

Three Harshaw Trane representatives, as well as Nat Turner, who is the local energy maintenance coordinator for the schools, made an extensive presentation on the estimated $2.3 million overall project.

The focus for the most renovation is Albany Elementary, with lesser upgrades at other facilities. AES has by far the oldest system, being over 20 years in age.

A primary focus of the project would be to switch from electrical systems to natural gas, which is estimated to be more energy efficient and would save the most money for the life of the new system.

The project would also include total new lighting in facilities and school grounds.

Trane representatives reviewed an assessments summary with the board, including cost estimates and amounts on energy the district could save.

Superintendent Charlotte Nasief and Finance Director Michael Reeves also noted ways in which the project could be funded.

Superintendent Nasief noted the district had bonding capacity of up to $10 million, which compares to $1.7 million in 2012 when she began as superintendent of schools.

Also, along with revenue allotted and put back over the years from the state, which is set aside for facility projects, as well as the estimated savings on energy costs by switching to natural gas, Reeves indicated the total cost to the district may be lest than half the actual estimated cost.

During the work session, the board agreed to have the proposal formally presented at the regular meeting Monday. However, it would not lock them into any type of contract and steps would have to be taken to secure a contractor if they decide to proceed with the HVAC and energy savings project.

During the session, in which all members were present, they also voted to approve a trip for the CCHS JROTC to Mountain View Park on either April 12 or 17 and then proceeded with the work session portion.

The work session items included things that were on the board meeting agenda for Monday night and included finance, bids, mileage stipend, various contracts, facilities and school visits.