Fiscal court meeting has budget, road issues

Posted April 24, 2019 at 8:21 am

Clinton County Fiscal Court held its regular meeting last Thursday, April 18 with all members present and general items of business, including various budgets being presented, on the agenda.

The court first acknowledged receiving the monthly and quarterly treasurer’s reports and voted to pay claims and bills and approved fund transfers.

Christy Nuetzman Guffey with the Cooperative Extension Service then presented the county with that district’s proposed 2019 budget, noting the district would again be taking the four percent allowed compensating rate. She also noted the budget was also subject to final approval by the UK Extension Service.

The court then accepted a “Plan of Work” for the upcoming year that had been presented by the local Soil Conservation District.

Sheriff Jeff Vincent addressed the court about an amendment to his office budget, which will include a line item adding totals for an SRO (School Resource Officer) that will be placed through his office in the school district.

The sheriff noted that the funding for the SRO, including wages and benefits, are all being paid by the school district and is at no cost to either his officer or the county.

Sheriff Vincent also noted that the previous sheriff had two office personnel and his office was utilizing only one office staff and requested an amendment to fund a deputy in place of a second office worker.

On a motion by Magistrate Jerry Lowhorn, the court unanimously approved the sheriff’s budget amendment as presented.

Magistrates were also presented a draft of the 2019-20 fiscal year county budget for review, the first reading, with any changes necessary, to be made at the court’s May meeting.

The court, on a motion by Magistrate Ray Marcum, also voted to grant a right-of-way easement for the Walnut Grove Road and approved the annual Transportation Cabinet’s County Road Aid agreement.

On a recommendation by County Judge/Executive Ricky Craig, the court voted to appoint Don Tompkins as a new member to serve on the Clinton County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Board.

Tompkins will replace long-time member Glenn Ray Smith who recently resigned. Judge Craig thanked Smith for his years of service on the IDA board.

The court then held a bid opening on various road materials that had been submitted from local companies, including Gaddie-Shamrock, Benny Brown Trucking and Albany Building Center.

As in years past, the court voted unanimously to accept all low bids and allow each bidder to supply needed materials as necessary, such as gravel, blacktopping, tile, etc.

The court then heard monthly department head reports, including Recycling Center, 911 Mapping and Addressing, Solid Waste Coordinator, EMS, road department and jailer’s report.

During the reports, judge Craig thanked all the volunteers and those who made donations to the recent county clean-up day that was held in conjunction with April being PRIDE Spring Clean-up month.

The court again briefly discussed inmates who had past due jail fees pending with Jailer Tracey Thurman and Assistant County Attorney Gary Little.

Little again noted that in many cases, inmates were deemed indigent and unable to pay but suggested if the jail had a list of inmates that were able to pay, they should present them to the County Attorney’s Office and the court may find those individuals in contempt if past due jail fees are not paid.

The court then entered into a brief closed session to discuss personnel and took no action upon returning to open session.

Before the meeting ended, Magistrate Marcum praised the jail staff and animal shelter staff, noting visits to those locations showed that both were being kept up very well.

Marcum did caution, however, that all department heads and the county in general needed to watch their budgets prior to the end of this fiscal year, which ends June 30.

The next regular meeting of fiscal court, due to required magistrate training taking place on the regular meeting date, will be held one week later, on Thursday, May 23 at 5 p.m.