Keeping In Touch From the Judge’s Desk

Posted May 15, 2019 at 8:22 am

Clinton County


Ricky L. Craig

• I want to thank all our local veterans for their service to our county and our nation.

Some local jobs available are at Tyson Food, Foothills Academy, Sun Pools Inc. applications may be picked up at their front office. These are some great opportunities for employment.

• Our tire amnesty program was a huge success. According to Solid Waste Coordinator Andy Davis, we collected over 228.72 tons. A big thank you to our road department for all their hard work. Thank you to all our magistrates for coming out to assist as well. This was a great opportunity to clean up our beautiful county. Thank you to everyone who participated.

• Our road department has been busy mowing our county right of ways as well as other road related issues.

• Our Pride Clean Up Day was a huge success. I want to thank all individuals who devoted their free time to beautify our roadsides. We had groups to pick up trash and we went to the State Park for a picnic and cookout. I want to encourage everyone to do their part and please don’t litter. If everyone would pick up their property line what a difference it would make in our county.

• EMS employees are very busy taking care of our citizens. We have EMS and Paramedic positions open. I want to encourage anyone looking for employment to apply.

• I want to recognize all our local boards and thank everyone for their time who volunteers and serves on our behalf.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ricky L. Craig

County Judge/Executive