IDA meeting has varied agenda

Posted May 15, 2019 at 8:29 am

The Clinton County Industrial Development Authority held a special call meeting last Friday, May 10. Five of seven members were on hand for the 45-minute session which saw various items of business being discussed.

Board chairman Jerrod Witham first recognized newly appointed member Dawn Tompkins to her first IDA meeting prior to the business portion of the meeting taking place.

The board members, on a motion by Debbie Brown, voted to pay one-third of the total $450 cost to have the IDA-Welcome Center building pressure washed. Both the Tourism Commission and Chamber of Commerce will also pay $150 each.

The Authority members then discussed health insurance for new Executive Director April Speck, requesting she exit the meeting briefly while the topic was being discussed.

Speck had received a quote from Anthem insurance for her and her children at $751.34 per month. She also noted her current insurance expires June 1.

Following a brief discussion, board members decided to delay official action on the issue until all board members could be present to make a decision.

In the meantime, they requested Speck get at least a second quote and possible breakdown on cost for herself only as compared to a family plan.

The board is expected to hold another call meeting later this month to take official action on the new director’s health insurance.

Charlotte Dick with the Chamber of Commerce also made a brief presentation to the board about possible front office (foyer) decorations at the Welcome Center, noting she knew some artisans who could help decorate the office, possibly using local artists’ works and adding a full map of the county to be used for tourists who visit the facility.

Witham said some of the suggestions didn’t really promote what we have to offer here, but agreed some of the suggestions would be good if there wasn’t too much to be a distraction.

No action was taken but the board did take the suggestions made by Dick under advisement and may consider them when revamping the front office area.

Board members then briefly discussed hiring a custodian, which the IDA had employed in the past.

Witham said he really didn’t see a need for a paid custodian for the Welcome Center, noting general upkeep could be done by board members themselves if nothing else. On a motion by board member Shane Smith, they voted 5-0 not to refill the custodian position and left open the option to revisit the issue in the future if need be.

They also voted to have keys made for Sherry Poore with the Tourism Commission and Lisa Beard with the Chamber of Commerce.

The Authority then entered into closed session for approximately 15 minutes to discuss personnel with no action being taken.

While back in open session, the board voted to obtain a credit card to be used by the director for items pertaining to IDA business, primarily such items as computer software, etc. and voted to pay claims and bills.

Rick Mercader, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, noted that the July 4th Fireworks Celebration show was going along on schedule and will once again be held at Mountain View Park.

Chairman Witham also noted, in reference to the recent fun day held at the middle school to help raise money for Chromebooks for students, that the IDA board may, in future years, consider making a small donation of some type, such as some type of sponsorship, for the event next year.

Other than a possible call meeting later this month to consider the director’s health insurance, the next regular meeting of the IDA is scheduled for Thursday, June 13 at 11 a.m. at the IDA-Welcome Center and is open to the public.