IDA approves health insurance for Executive Director during call meeting

Posted May 23, 2019 at 10:20 am

The Clinton County Industrial Development Authority held its second call meeting in as many weeks last Friday morning, May 24. Five of seven members were present for the 20-minute meeting which contained only one item of business.

Authority members first entered into a brief closed session on personnel with no action being taken in the closed portion.

On returning to open session, board members, on a motion by Shane Smith, seconded by Dawn Tompkins, voted unanimously to pay part of the cost of new Executive Director April Speck’s health insurance.

The issue had been discussed the previous week, but tabled to last week’s call meeting.

Speck had requested assistance in paying for the coverage, which also covers her children, is a policy with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

The total cost of the policy, which includes a $2,700 deductible per person on the policy, totaled $955.81 per month.

The motion to assist Speck in paying for the coverage included the IDA paying 50 percent of the total cost, or $477.90 monthly, with Speck’s total being the remaining balance ($477.91) per month.

Speck attached documentation of other quotes she had received from other insurers with Anthem having the lowest monthly cost, as well as lowest amount of deductible.

The new director sought the board’s assistance with the insurance cost and noted that she and her family appreciated it, also noting the Anthem plan covered her children’s doctors.

No other items of business was on the agenda last week.

The next regular meeting of the IDA is scheduled for Thursday, June 13 at 11 a.m. at the IDA-Welcome Center and is open to the general public.