One death, property damage result of storm

Posted July 3, 2019 at 1:45 pm

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Thursday afternoon of last week, a storm system moved through Clinton County and as a result of that storm, claimed the live of 76-year-old Jeffrey Price of Albany.

Price was traveling northbound on U.S. 127 operating a 2007 Suzuki motorcycle when he struck a tree that had fallen in the roadway during a storm.

According to police reports, price was transported by EMS to The Med Center Albany where he was pronounced deceased. The investigation is ongoing and the accident investigation was assisted by KSP Trooper Zach Scott and Clinton County Sheriff Jeff Vincent.

The small storm that swept through Clinton County also did major damage to trees, including uprooting several at the home of Pitt Hay, located on KY Hwy 1590.

“I was up on top of the hill there, about five o’clock, and I came down to about the fence row and there were big drops of rain hitting my windshield,” Hay said. “Francis (Hay), was standing there and said, ‘there went a tree.’ Then she said ‘there went another one.’”

Hay said there were five locust trees on his property that came down. One of those trees blew down and went across the road, however, Hay said road crews came quickly and cut up the tree before it caused any accidents or further damage.

“I had seven behind this house in February and now I’m glad I had them cut,” Hay said. “If I hadn’t had them cut they would probably be across this house.”

Hay said it could have been a lot worse than it was.

“I don’t think it was a tornado … I think it was straight line winds,” Hay said. “If it was a tornado you would be able to see where things were twisted. I think it was just straight line winds.”

Readers are reminded that during the spring and summer months, strong and dangerous thunderstorms can occur without warning, often producing strong and damaging winds. The forecast for this week again calls for the liklihood of thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday.

Dudley Pitt Hay, spent most of Friday morning cleaning up debris on his property on KY Hwy. 1590. Hay had several trees uprooted with one falling across the roadway during a storm Thursday afternoon.