Beck Attends Governor’s Scholars Program

Posted July 24, 2019 at 8:42 am

Conlan BeckG.psd

Conlan Beck, a rising senior at Clinton County High School, completed the five-week Governor’s Scholars Program beginning on June 16.

He is the son of Janet &andSteve Beck.

The GSP study program provides academic and personal growth opportunities at three different Kentucky colleges or universities during the summer. Students are selected based on ACT scores, unweighted GPA, and difficulty of course load.

Students must also submit a writing entry along with a resume of extracurricular activities, service, and honors.

Being chosen for GSP is one of the top awards for Kentucky students. The accomplishment takes extra effort in extracurricular activities with long hours of schoolwork, community service, and time applying for the program.

Thousands of highly qualified juniors across the state (Kentucky’s outstanding students) apply for this program each year with approximately 1,000 accepted statewide.

Conlan was chosen to attend Centre College in Danville, where his focus area was Historical Analysis. Completion of the course and the ceremony was on July 20th at Centre College.

Conlan will now be eligible for numerous additional scholarship opportunities at many of Kentucky’s colleges.

Conlan stated that he enjoyed his time at Centre, felt the experience was valuable, and is proud to join other GSP alumni. He thought that the course work for GSP was not as rigorous as the DUKE TIP program, where he spent two summers (prior to his freshman and sophomore years) completing college level courses in Criminal Trial Advocacy and Chronicles of Creative Writing.

He has also been very active in advocating for Kentucky youth, participating in the First Lady’s Youth Leadership Council and the Promising Appalachian Leaders in Service (PALS).