Outstanding in their field

Posted July 31, 2019 at 8:28 am

Abbi's tomatoesG.psd

Abbi Young is enjoying her summer vacation from Clinton County High School, spending much of it working in the family garden with her grandfather, Clayton Brown.

A junior next year at Clinton County High School, Abbi is learning the gratitude of growing her own food, under the instruction of Clayton.

Their tomato crop this year is producing an abundant harvest, as is evident from the photo at right, which shows just a small gathering of the fruit.

Clayton is a retired school teacher and a former commercial tomato grower with Brown and Latham Brothers Tomatoes.

Abbi is the daughter of Kevin and Lezlee Young, of Albany.

Their garden is located in the Cartwright Community of Clinton County.

Abbi and ClaytonG.psd