Keeping In Touch From the Judge’s Desk

Posted August 7, 2019 at 8:11 am

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Clinton County


Ricky L. Craig

• I want to always thank and recognize our Veterans for their service to our county and our entire country. The local VFW is looking for people to help them repair the VFW building on Hopkins Street. If you can’t volunteer maybe you can donate money to them for supplies for more information contact Jason Warinner 606-306-1197.

• Some jobs available here in our county are Tyson (Cagles), Sun Pools Inc. Any business that has jobs available and would like to be featured here can contact us at the office 387-5234.

• I want to thank and recognize all the EMS and our dispatchers for their service to our county.

• Thanks to Gilbert Daniels for taking our inmates out and picking up trash and cleaning up cemeteries in our county. If everyone would just pick up their own property lines what a difference it would make. Just notice how nice it looks after it is picked up!

• We want to thank our road department for all they do. They are on their third time mowing around the county as well as addressing various road issues and cleaning up after our recent storms.

• I want to encourage everyone to visit our Tri-County Animal Shelter and take a furry friend home with you.

• We want to recognize and thank our Albany Fire Department for everything they do for our county. They provide our fire protection and come out and assist after storms, and provide their services to any event going on in our county. Take a moment to thank them.

• I also want to thank our Sheriff Jeff Vincent and his staff for the protection they provide to our county. They are always just a phone call away.

• On May 14, 2019, I started a correspondence with our Kentucky Senator Max Wise about naming a stretch of our by-pass in honor of our Medal of Honor recipient Garlin Murl Conner. He explained how he would be honored to do this when the legislative session was back in regular session in January 2020.

• We, along with the City of Albany, applied for a 2 1/2 million dollar grant for the Duvall Valley water upgrade.

• We received a $250 grant for our animal shelter on behalf of The Cattleman’s Association. We thank you.

• We received a $5621.66 grant for our 911 dispatchers to receive text message calls. This will be an invaluable service to our hearing impaired citizens in our county.

• We will be applying for various other grants that are available to our county.

• I want to thank everyone who serves on our local boards and commend them for promoting our county.

• Anyone who would like to display their craft talents in our display windows in the courthouse can call the office 606-387-5234.

I want to thank all citizens for their prayers and words of encouragement, I am working every day to move our county forward.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ricky L. Craig

County Judge/Executive