Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted August 7, 2019 at 8:16 am

School back in session, buses on the road, and so are student drivers

This is one of those columns that despite it’s normal theme, really doesn’t have much to do with sports or tourism, but the subject is one that will hopefully remind everyone of the time of year, and perhaps help keep everyone a little safer – especially our local students.

Believe it or not, school is back in session beginning this Thursday, and with that, not only will there be an increase in traffic in and around our four school buildings in mornings and afternoons, but that traffic will include the addition of school buses transporting our students to and from.

The most important thing to remember about this increased traffic situation, however, is the influx of young, inexperienced drivers in and around the Clinton County High School facility daily.

Not to be mean, but these kids just aren’t good drivers, yet, and in addition to that, if you will notice, they pay little or no attention to the laws about not texting while driving.

Watch out folks, they can be dangerous, especially so in the afternoon, after they’ve spent the day not being able to “send and receive” those important messages from their besties


And if you will notice even further, it’s not limited to our high school student drivers. Most of our teachers can be seen on the road going and coming to school with their phones out in front of them, resting on the wheel, as they make their way to and from both ways.

So – as I urge everyone prior to our big three tourism holidays – give yourself a little extra time, a little extra room, and “Let’s be careful out there!”

WKU hires with a Clinton County connection

Although he finished his high school years at Paris High School, the new Western Kentucky University Track and Field Head Coach has ties to Albany and Clinton County High School.

According to WBKO in Bowling Green, Eric Chumbley was recently named to the position for the Hilltopper track and field program.

He is the son of the late Ron Chumbley, who served as a principal for Clinton County High School during the early 1980s. Ron Chumbley passed away in 2015.

Eric Chumbley, before taking this WKU position, was most recently the Director of Track and Field with Radford. Among other coaching stops, he has also worked with Kentucky programs at Murray State and Georgetown College.

Thanks to Mike Beard for catching the WKBO story and passing it along – he was in the same class as Chumbley’s older brother, Mike Chumbley.

In the meantime – let’s take it outside for a few months!