Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted August 21, 2019 at 8:35 am

Fall Sports Preview is in your hands

You will notice that this week’s Clinton County News is thicker than usual, and of course you will find included the reason, this week’s issue contains our annual look at the teams, players and coaches who will be wearing the blue and white for the CCHS fall sports seasons.

Golf, soccer, volleyball and, of course, football will be the showcased activities on the fields and courses right now for these fall seasons, with cross country coming in a few weeks later.

Unlike the winter and spring sports, our fall lineup has some obstacles that have to be dealt with from time to time weather-wise.

Like the spring sports, the outdoor sports are subject to be canceled due to inclement weather, primarily rain and especially lightning, but these fall lineups are also subject to being canceled/postponed due to extreme heat.

Coaches are now equipped with heat index measuring devices, and if that heat index is above acceptable limits – “no play today”, or at least until it cools off.

Already a golf match last week was called off due to extreme heat and that’s the only one that I’m aware of – there may have been others during this recent heat wave we’re experiencing.

I figured out the golf match had been canceled after I realized I was the only person in the parking lot on the day of the match against Metcalfe County at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park.

In any event, we hope you enjoy this fall sports preview. Primarily, it’s Brett’s production with the photos and articles, with advertisement work from Erika Roe.

They have done a great job and we’re proud to present it to our readers.

Wrong Chumbley

A couple of weeks ago I reported that Western Kentucky University had hired a Track and Field Coach with Clinton County ties.

I knew the difference, had read which one actually got the job, then when I wrote the article – of course I switched the names.

So – to set the record straight – it was the younger of the two Chumbley brothers, Brent Chumbley, who was hired as the Topper Track and Field Coach, not his older brother, Eric, who is now a physician.

Of course the Chumbley brothers are the sons of the late Ron Chumbley, who served as a principal at CCHS in the early 1980s.

The error was pointed out to me in an email from Eric’s wife, Jennifer Chumbley.

Sorry about the error, and again, congrats to a former Clinton County student for rising to the top of his field and of course – Go Toppers!

In the meantime – let’s take it outside for a few months!