Fiscal court makes more fund transfers for tax bills

Posted August 28, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Clinton County Fiscal Court held another call meeting last Tuesday afternoon and took votes related to payments due to the IRS and Kentucky Department of Revenue. All members were present for the brief meeting in which two votes were taken.

County Treasurer Cindy Thrasher told the court the needed transfers related to the first half of the 2019 year, as some payroll related taxes had not been transferred.

There were three payments totaling $47,176.20 to the IRS and seven payment dates listed in the amount of $25,019.77 to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

These amounts do not include any penalty or interest to be assessed later.

There was a balance in the bank for transfer in the amount of $42,317.68 and the county needed to transfer $30,000 to cover the total amount owed, leaving the reconciled balance at $121.71.

Magistrate Terry Buster asked Thrasher if there was any money missing and Thrasher stressed there was no funds unaccounted for, but rather funds had not been transferred to make the tax payments to the IRS and DOR.

She added from now on the payroll will be paid on a weekly basis and this transfer and payment would bring the county up to date at this point.

Magistrate Ray Marcum made the motion to transfer the $30,000 from the Occupational Fund checking account, with magistrate Jerry Lowhorn making a separate motion to deposit the amount into the revolving payroll fund and pay the tax liabilities. Both motions passed unanimously.

The next regular meeting of Clinton County Fiscal Court is scheduled for September 19 at 5 p.m. and is open to the public.